Ladies’ Code Writes Sweet Letters To Fans For 6th Debut Anniversary

Ladies’ Code is celebrating their sixth debut anniversary today (March 7)!

The group took to their official fan cafe to write letters to their fans, Lavely. Ashley wrote:

After being together for six years and seeing each other often (even though it’s not that often), Lavely feel like our friends, brothers, and sisters, to the point that I wonder if it’s okay to be this comfortable with you. You come to see me when I’m leaving my radio show. You don’t know how thankful I am and how much I love you for traveling so far to see me for even such a short amount of time. Lavely are truly angels.

Thank you for being with us for six years. We’re lacking, and we don’t get to see you often, but thank you so much, and I love you for always giving us love and support. This year, I hope to we get to see each other more.. please. I’m always thinking of you, so never forget that I like you a lot! All of Lavely are so precious and lovely. I hope you’re always happy. Let’s be happy together. Love you!

In her letter, Sojung said:

I don’t know why time moves so fast. So much has gone by in a flash. Thank you so much for being by our side through all of our good, sad, happy, and difficult times. I’m always sorry that we can’t do more for you, but every time you tell us it’s okay, and that we’re doing well, it gives us so much strength. Thank you, and thank you again for becoming the reason why I sing.

I’ll work even harder in the future for everyone who loves me and listens to my voice! I promise. There may be many moments where we’re sad or having a difficult time, but as we move forward, there will be much happiness and many good things waiting for us! Because we’re not going to give up. Let’s stay together for a long time!

Zuny said:

A lot has happened. We’ve laughed and cried, but you’ve always been a source of strength and comfort for us, and for that, thank you so much. We have a lot of time together, so I hope for only good things in the future, and let’s be together for a long time. I’ll pray for Lavely to always be happy and healthy. You know that we’re so thankful for you, right?

We’re so happy because of you, for coming to see us anytime, anywhere, whether it’s raining or snowing. I feel like I’m so loved. As much love as you’ve given us, we’ll work hard to grow and not to disappoint you. Thank you to everyone who loves us and is congratulating us on our sixth anniversary.”

Currently, the members of Ladies’ Code are focusing on individual activities. Ashley is sitting as the DJ on Arirang Radio’s “Sound K,” and Sojung is set to sing the first soundtrack for OCN’s “Possessed,” which will be released on March 7. Meanwhile, Zuny is preparing to take new steps in her acting career.

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