Choi Jin Hyuk Opens Up About A Complex He’s Had For A Long Time

On the latest episode of SBS’s “We Will Channel You,” actor Choi Jin Hyuk surprised the hosts by revealing an unexpected insecurity.

The star made a guest appearance on the March 7 broadcast of the variety show, where MC Kang Ho Dong pointed out that he had an exceptionally charming eye smile. The host went on to joke, “Did you practice it while looking in the mirror?”

Choi Jin Hyuk replied, “Actually, I’ve had a complex about my eye smile ever since I was young.”

When a surprised Yang Se Hyung asked why, the actor explained, “When I was younger, I often heard people say that I was acting flirty on purpose because of my eye smile. People also saw me as weak because of it. I wanted to look tough, but it wasn’t easy [because of my eye smile]. So I hated this eye smile, and I tried to hide it.”

“But because I try not to smile,” he continued, “people often form misunderstandings about me. Even now, staff members sometimes ask me, ‘Are you angry? Are you upset about something right now?'”

Kang Ho Dong agreed, “Because you have a strong look. I thought before that [Choi] Jin Hyuk was the silent type.” Choi Jin Hyuk interjected, “Not at all,” and Kang Ho Dong agreed, “It turns out that you’re actually talkative.”

Choi Jin Hyuk added, “I also have a very mischievous personality.”

If you haven’t already seen it, watch Choi Jin Hyuk in his hit drama “The Last Empress” with English subtitles below!

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