BTS’ Suga Takes Over Twitter’s Worldwide Trends As Fans Celebrate His Birthday

As BTS’ Suga rang in his 26th birthday, ARMY celebrated the occasion by taking over Twitter with an outpouring of love for the singer and producer!

Suga officially turned 26 years old (by international reckoning) on March 9, and shortly after midnight KST, BTS’s fans began trending numerous hashtags related to the idol in honor of his special day.

As of 1:43 a.m. KST, six of the top nine worldwide trends on Twitter were dedicated to Suga. The social media platform’s highest-trending topics included #OurFirstLoveYoongi, #HAPPYSUGADAY, MIn Yoongi, #WhatAReliefYoongiWasBorn, #SOPE, and a hashtag in Korean that references a lyric from BTS’s “Fire“: “Yoongi, live your life however you want; it’s all yours anyway.”

Suga responded to his fans’ birthday wishes by sharing an affectionate message of gratitude on Twitter. In addition to posting a couple of selfies, the BTS member wrote, “Thank you, ARMY! I will work hard this year as well!! I love you.”

Several BTS members have also already posted their own celebratory messages on Twitter. J-Hope shared several behind-the-scenes photos of himself and Suga, writing, “Happy Birthday, hyung.” He then added the hashtag “SOPE World.”

J-Hope also posted a screenshot of his birthday text message conversation with Suga—after J-Hope wished him a happy birthday at 12 AM sharp, Suga replied, “Thanks!”

Jimin posted an adorable selfie of himself mouthing the words “Happy Birthday” and wrote, “Happy Birthday, hyung. Read your text messages!”

Jin shared a photo of himself posing with Suga, as well as a screenshot of his own text message conversation with his bandmate. Jin wrote, “Happy Birthday. Okay?” Suga replied, “TY [Thank You].”

Jin went on to joke in the caption, “Happy Birthday, Yoongi. We’re close. Really! We’re really close!”

Check out some of the many loving tweets that ARMY posted for Suga’s birthday below!

Happy Birthday, Suga!

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