“He Is Psychometric” Reveals Story Hints With Lines Of Dialogue From Main Characters

The upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama from tvN, “He Is Psychometric,” revealed some lines of dialogue from its characters ahead of its premiere, giving viewers a deeper glimpse into what’s to come.

“Before they died, the victims all saw a certain number.”

Ian – played by GOT7’s Jinyoung

In the drama, Ian has a psychometric ability. He is able to read afterimages from people or objects from physical contact. The line above is something he says in an autopsy room as he’s trying to aid authorities in finding the truth of what happened to the victims. Will Ian, who often causes trouble with his amateur psychometric skills, succeed in his efforts?

“No matter how much I try to run, I’m right back here.”

Yoon Jae In – played by Shin Ye Eun

Yoon Jae In is regarded by those around her as perfect, from her looks to her family. However, it’s all a farce; she has nothing but her pride and intelligence. What happened to Yoon Jae In for her to erect and maintain these walls around herself, and what is she running from?

“I hope you show what you are capable of.”

Kim Sung Mo – played by Kim Kwon

Prosecutor Kim Sung Mo is the man who saved Ian’s life when he was young. He’s got a cold and sharp gaze that belies his warm heart and how he cares for Ian like a younger brother. He is well aware of Ian’s amateur abilities, and in asking Ian to show what he is capable of, does he have a hidden motive?

“Because it’s a perfect copy of the Yeongseong Apartment case from 11 years ago.”

Eun Ji Soo – played by Dasom

The fates of the characters in “He Is Psychometric” are deeply tied to the fire at the Yeongseong Apartments from 11 years ago, and Eun Ji Soo recognizes that whatever is going on now is connected to the 11-year-old case.

“He Is Psychometric” premieres March 11 at 9:30 p.m. KST, and will be available on Viki.

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