Update: Big Hit Entertainment And CJ ENM Officially Launch Joint Company + Announce Global Audition

Updated March 11 KST:

Following news of CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment launching the joint company BELIFT LAB, a notice for a global audition has been released.

The teaser shares, “We’re looking for boys to make their debut as the next global idol.” The clip also includes the phrase, “global debut 2020.”

Males born between 1997 and 2008 are eligible for the audition, which will begin in Korea in March and then continue to other countries.

Applications are available on BELIFT LAB’s official website here.

Check out the teaser below!

Original Article:

CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment officially announced the launch of their new collaboration BELIF+, officially titled BELIFT LAB Incorporations.

On March 11, CJ ENM and Big Hit revealed that they have established a joint company called BELIFT LAB in order to achieve their goal of introducing a new global K-pop group in 2020.

It was initially revealed in July 2018 that the two companies are joining forces to launch a new entertainment company. At the time, CJ ENM stated that they plan to discover a new global idol group.

BELIFT LAB, which was built with capital stocks of 7 billion won (approximately $6,164,865), will be holding open auditions in several countries including Korea, the United States, and Japan on March 30. The company is looking to cultivate a new boy group, which Bang Si Hyuk will be in charge of producing.

Kim Tae Ho, the CEO of BELIFT LAB, said, “The main part of our business is entertainment and media with basis on contents IP (intellectual property rights). As it is a project between the nation’s best contents and entertainment companies, we will show results that match the expectations of the market.”

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