ONEUS’s Ravn To Temporarily Halt Group Promotions Due To Health Issues

On March 11, RBW Entertainment announced through ONEUS’s official fan cafe that Ravn will be taking a temporary break from all activities.

The following is the full statement from RBW:

Hello, this is RBW. We are giving a notice to fans because ONEUS member Ravn will be temporarily halting group promotions due to health concerns and personal reasons.

Recently, Ravn had difficulties smoothly carrying out scheduled activities for ONEUS’s promotions due to health concerns and personal reasons. As a result, after discussing the matter with all six of ONEUS members, Ravn decided to temporarily take a break from group promotions.

This is a decision made for Ravn’s personal future in a long-term perspective instead of promotions that are happening at the moment, and this was decided so that [Ravn] can return to fans in a healthier and better condition.

Due to the circumstances, ONEUS will be temporarily promoting as a five-member group with Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Xion. They plan to carry out the rest of their scheduled activities without any further problems.

After halting activities, Ravn will rest for a while. In order for him to focus on his recovery, our company will provide full support.

We ask for understanding from fans who unconditionally love and support ONEUS. We once again promise that Ravn himself, as well as the other ONEUS members and our agency, will try our best for Ravn to return to ONEUS as quickly as possible.

We sincerely apologize for worrying all fans who love ONEUS. Thank you.

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