Dispatch Releases New Report About Jung Joon Young's Chatrooms With Illegal Hidden Camera Footage

Following SBS’s 8 O’Clock news report about Jung Joon Young sharing illegal hidden camera footage in a chatroom with celebrity friends, Dispatch released another report about additional instances.

Dispatch reported that Jung Joon Young had more than 10 group and one-on-one chatrooms where he shared illegally taken hidden cameras.

Jung Joon Young’s chatrooms were divided into two groups: one group formed for business purposes with mutual acquaintances of Seungri, and another with his own friends who are not close to Seungri. Singer “C” was part of the former group, while singer “L” was part of the latter group. One of the victims of their hidden cameras is a trainee.

Mr. K, who was previously revealed to be Seungri’s business partner, cooperated with Jung Joon Young the most often, and the two men filmed and shared approximately 10 hidden cameras across 10 months.

Also revealed was another conversation in Jung Joon Young’s chatroom, where the participants shared:

A: X had a one-night stand with Y (member of a girl group).

B: Hey X, is Y tasty?

C: I met Z yesterday.

D: Ah! Z is a whore.

A separate conversation went as follows:

Jung Joon Young: What’s the name of your title track?

A: Title track? OOOOO.

Jung Joon Young: Oh, it’s a song for vaginas.

Dispatch further reported that Jung Joon Young’s alleged conversation with Highlight’s Yong Junhyung was about a failed attempt to film a hidden camera. They reportedly often shared one-on-one conversations, and Yong Junhyung was not part of any group chatroom.

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