tvN Announces Jung Joon Young’s Removal From “Salty Tour” And “4 Wheeled Restaurant”

Jung Joon Young will be leaving the cast of both tvN’s “Salty Tour” and “4 Wheeled Restaurant.”

On March 12, following a news report that Jung Joon Young had shared illegal hidden-camera footage of sexual activity in a group chat with other male celebrities, tvN released an official statement regarding the singer’s status on the two variety shows.

The network’s statement is as follows:

We are notifying you of the position of the producers of tvN’s “4 Wheeled Restaurant” and “Salty Tour” in regards to Jung Joon Young.

“4 Wheeled Restaurant: Season 3” was originally planned so that Jung Joon Young would participate in our filming in LA and Lee Min Woo would participate in our filming in San Francisco. Jung Joon Young is returning to Korea after completing all of his scheduled filming for the show, so we are currently in the midst of filming in our next location, San Francisco, together with Lee Min Woo. Because the producers fully understand the gravity of this matter, they have decided to completely edit out all of Jung Joon Young’s footage.

The producers of “Salty Tour” have taken into consideration the gravity of this matter, and they have decided to remove Jung Joon Young from “Salty Tour.” From now on, the show will air with all of Jung Joon Young’s footage edited out.

We ask for the viewers’ understanding.

The producers of KBS 2TV’s “2 Days & 1 Night” also announced Jung Joon Young’s departure from their show earlier that day.

Meanwhile, Jung Joon Young’s agency has released a statement that the singer will be returning to Korea to cooperate with police investigations.

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