Watch: “Her Private Life” Cast Introduces Characters At Script Reading Session

“Her Private Life” has released a behind-the-scenes video introducing the stellar cast!

tvN’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Her Private Life” is a romantic comedy that shares the story between Sung Duk Mi (Park Min Young), an established gallery curator who is secretly an idol fangirl, and her harsh boss Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook).

In the clip, the director started off by saying, “I will think of everyone here as my bias and work hard to prepare [for the drama].” The cast members then continued to introduced themselves with Park Min Young enthusiastically saying, “I’ll work the hardest.” Kim Jae Wook, Ahn Bo Hyun, and ONE also introduced themselves, and Park Jin Joo hilariously added, “I’ll work hard to help [Park Min Young] and work the third hardest on the project.” Kim Mi Kyung also made the cast and staff burst into laughter when she added, “I’ll work the fourth hardest.”

Park Min Young introduced her character as a hard working gallery curator who is also a huge fan of idol Cha Si Ahn, as well as a popular fansite master. She expressed her thoughts that a drama with a fangirl as the main character seemed unique and novel.

Kim Jae Wook explained that he has taken on the role of Ryan Gold who once used to be a genius artist but is now the director of the art gallery with some kind of objective in mind. He added that his character will sometimes seem cold, sometimes aloof, and sometimes out of his mind.

Followed by Kim Jae Wook, Ahn Bo Hyun talked about his role Nam Eun Ki, explaining that he is Sung Duk Mi’s childhood friend who is madly in love with her. ONE also revealed that his character Cha Si Ahn has a lot of interest in pictures and that he may be slightly different from the typical idol image.

On the reason to fall in love with “Her Private Life,” Kim Jae Wook said, “I think the scenes in which Duk Mi and Sun Joo are happily fangirling are very fun and interesting.” Park Min Young added, “There must have been one time in your life in which you became obsessed with something. While viewers watch our drama, they can relive those moments,” and shared that the romance aspect will also make hearts flutter.

Kim Jae Wook remarked that “Her Private Life” is a drama that is well-suited for spring, while the rest of the cast expressed their wishes that people will be excited for the upcoming romantic comedy.

“Her Private Life” is set to premiere on April 10 at 9:30 p.m. KST as the follow-up to “Touch Your Heart.”

Watch the full video below!

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