11 Relatable Lyrics From Epik High’s “Sleepless In __________” That Strike A Chord

Epik High is back! A couple of months after announcing their Europe tour, the hip hop trio revealed their return with “Sleepless In __________,” their second mini-album and first release since their sensational studio album “We’ve Done Something Wonderful” back in 2017. Prior to this amazing news, Tablo often hinted at their comeback in his tweets, asking if any of his fans happened to be insomniacs.

As it turns out, this star-studded project is meant to bring comfort to people who lose sleep over all sorts of life problems, and it only takes one listen to fully encapsulate its serene and soothing vibes.

Known for their high-quality music and meaningful lyrics, members Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz granted us an outstandingly mellow EP that puts our restless minds to ease as we listen to its seven tracks. The tracklist also was graphically illustrated with an aesthetically holistic artwork.

To highlight yet another masterpiece of Epik High’s, here are 11 significant lyrics from “Sleepless In __________” that hit us right in the feels!

1. “Sleepless”

Do you find that things you once enjoyed no longer interest you?

We often ask ourselves this self-reflective question whenever we hit a slump in an attempt to identify the root of the problem.

2-3. “In Seoul” feat. Sunwoo JungA

Dreams are nothing but dreams,
Even if you dream, you can’t wake up
Till you rest in peace
After putting your life on the line for success

The lyrics insinuate how we overwork ourselves for the sake of making our dreams come true, yet we never truly get to live the moment to the fullest.

In this society that makes you draw your own lines
There is no exit, and my body is filled with sweat

The shackles that society puts on us make us set boundaries in self-defense, only to find ourselves trapped and worn out in return.

4-5. “Lovedrunk” feat. Crush

No one foresees that a garden of roses leaves a bed of thorns

Sometimes, we’re so blinded by the idea of love that we fail to notice the warning signs until it’s too late.

I’ve erased your trace from every corner of this house,
But my lingering feelings won’t let my hand go

Moving on from a relationship is a hard task as it takes a long process to get over the painful memories.

6-7. “Eternal Sunshine” co-produced by BTS’ Suga

Sometimes I’m too tired
Laying myself down in bed
I just want to hide under the blankets and look on
Since the world behind that door is darker than the night

There are times when we feel emotionally exhausted and simply choose to isolate ourselves in order to spare our souls the harshness of the outer world.

Don’t feel pressured to keep up
The grown-ups saying “hurry, hurry”
They’ve come to a stop
With their unfulfilled youth, they pass their impatience onto you

More often than not, we waste our youth senselessly racing life according to adults’ expectations, forgetting that there is only one pace we should keep up with, and that is our own.

8. “No Different” feat. Yuna, co-produced by Code Kunst

Heartbreak, two pieces
One I’ll take, one’s with you
And half of yours is with me
We ain’t no different, you see

Love is not all sunshine and rainbows. Its bittersweet nature is what makes it worth holding on to, for the sake of mending a broken heart.

9-10. “Rain Again Tomorrow”

Tomorrow, today and yesterday get mixed up
My memories are random-access

When burdened with life trials, we end up losing track of time to the point that everything comes back rushing at once in an overwhelming manner.

A sea of thoughts
I keep sinking, perhaps because I don’t know where it ends

This line perfectly describes what it feels like when the overthinking wave hits us out of the blue and sails us away through a typhoon of thoughts.

11. “Lullaby For A Cat”

A party of one or party of none, please keep me disinvited

As much as there is delight in having company, there is also solace in solitude. This especially goes out to all the introverted souls out there who cherish their personal time and space.

*Translated lyrics from Epikhightrans.

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Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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