Environmentally Friendly K-Beauty Brands To Get Behind

The greatest thing about K-beauty is the extensive list of brands and products available in the market, but have you ever considered opting for skincare that won’t harm the environment? Not many of us stop to think whether the brands we support and use are ethical and environmentally friendly.

Switching to eco-friendly products benefits the world at large, and even a small skincare regimen change impacts consumption and waste production. Like I said before, K-beauty consists of a massive pool of products and brands, and that includes environmentally friendly K-beauty items and skincare labels as well.

Environmentally friendly, or eco-friendly, means that products are manufactured or created in ways that do not harm the environment, contributing to environmental preservation, less pollution, and smarter ways of disposal (e.g. recycling). In regards to skincare brands and products, vegan, cruelty-free, and “green” are categories related to eco-friendly skincare that you should look out for.


One of the most well known brands in the K-beauty industry, Innisfree was created around the philosophy of naturalism. With a “green” beauty lab that’s on a green tea farm in Jeju, skincare and product experts study the environment and plants to help develop skincare that’s more beneficial for consumers.

Centered around the belief that nature and beauty should coexist, they’ve made a green promise to reduce carbon emissions, use 70 percent of naturally derived ingredients in skincare, and they also donate to help communities. Innisfree users can also return empty bottles of products they’ve used directly to a store instead of tossing them in a regular recycling bin! The brand also wishes to reduce tissue waste by introducing eco-friendly handkerchiefs as a forest and tree saving initiative, keeping track of bottles they’ve recycled and handkerchiefs used.


Developed by NEOGEN, this is one brand that’s becoming a part of many skincare routines. Being environmentally conscious and curating sustainable products, re:p. (Real Elemental Practice) aims to have skincare formulas that consist of natural ingredients that allow the skin to utilize its natural components to get that glow-from-within look. The brand’s packaging is made from recycled and responsible materials and can be disposed of in ways that reduce waste.


Another brand that’s highly loved within the K-beauty community is Klairs. Sensitive skin types covet Klairs products not only for how effective they are, but because of the brand’s philosophy to exhibit healthy, eco-friendly values. They focus on product simplicity with no colorants, no alcohol, no parabens, and no fragrances, believing that only the most necessary ingredients should be used topically on the skin. The brand also combats animal cruelty and has never tested on animals since the company was founded. And Klairs isn’t just eco-friendly, but budget friendly as well! So this is one brand you can support without hurting your wallet.


A safe and honest approach to skincare is the reason why PURITO chose to be more green. The brand is 100 percent EGW certified (program that certifies safe and eco-friendly products within the United States). PURITO removes from beauty products harmful substances that damage the skin and the environment, opting for an all-natural stratagem and belief that nature provides us with all the skincare benefits we could possibly need. The brand is also cruelty-free and uses recycled paper packaging to maintain being simplistic and proactively eco-friendly. PURITO also donates a part of its profits to KFEM (Korean Federation for Environmental Movement) in order to spread awareness about environmental issues and help eco-projects.


Simply defined as a brand that philosophizes healthy ingredients and fresh products, Benton has made a name for itself for its snail bee mask pack, but the brand’s take on nature doesn’t end with odd formulas that work skincare wonders. Being cruelty-free and developing ways to eliminate the use of preservatives by means of special technology, Benton tries to formulate products that benefit consumers in the long run. Healthy formulas instead of products that deliver temporary effects are what the brand values in order to live up to its name (inspired by Benjamin Button) in creating products that restore the skin and result in a youthful appearance.

E Nature

Founded on minimalism, E Nature is a brand that is vegan and cruelty-free. They manufacture products with eco-friendly packaging and ensure that no synthetics or parabens are used in any of their products. They’ve even gone the extra mile to make sure that the labels on their products are printed with organic soybean oil — that’s vegan dedication. The brand clearly states that each and every one of us should respect nature through its philosophy and use of smart technology in order to formulate skincare with natural ingredients. Better for our skin, and better for the earth.

So what brands are you most interested in trying out? We should all try to be more eco-conscious since a healthy lifestyle is a green lifestyle!

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