6 Reasons You Should Check Out Apink Member Bomi’s YouTube Channel

In addition to her eight years of album promotions, variety shows, acting, and more, Bomi was the first Apink member to create her own YouTube channel to connect more with fans. Her channel “Bbom-Bbom-Bbom” has since garnered more than 679,000 subscribers with 53 videos and counting, ranging from vlogs, Q&As, mukbangs (food broadcasts), and everything in between. As the one-year anniversary of Bomi’s channel approaches, here are six reasons why you should check it out!

1. She is unafraid to shed her idol image

From showing off her bare face to trying a variety of experiments, Bomi does not hesitate to let loose and show fans her goofy side. Not only does she show us how idols get ready and do their makeup, she also takes viewers through her step-by-step skincare routine for sensitive skin.

Continuously proving her status as a variety idol, Bomi has also uploaded hilarious reviews of unusual products and experiments, including boiling cold drinks and trying them hot, or testing a hat with solar panels that claims to charge your phone.

2. She gives honest dieting tips – with proof!

Idols are known for their great bodies and therefore their extensive knowledge on dieting and exercise. Claiming there isn’t a dieting technique she hasn’t tried, Bomi has videos on what works best for her body as well as her favorite diet recipes. She even reveals exactly how much she weighs before and after preparing for a comeback.

3. When off her diet, she does mukbangs

Despite her slim figure, Bomi is also well-known for her big appetite! She has demonstrated this on numerous variety shows throughout her career and has carried her foodie status over to her channel. She proves she is not a picky eater, with carbonated drinks, instant noodles from all around the world, and Taiwanese street food.

4. She does ASMR

Bomi has been soothing us with her charming singing voice for the past eight years and is now showing us the same charm in different ways. She has classic ASMR videos for foods like chicken feet and chips but also for calming bedtime stories that will guarantee you a good night’s sleep. Don’t forget to use earphones!

5. She is an Apink fan herself

In celebration of Apink’s most recent comeback, Bomi took on the role of every Panda (Apink fans) to unbox their new album “Percent.” Revealing that it’s the first time she has ever personally bought one of their albums, Bomi gives fans a sneak preview of what’s inside both versions, even picking out her favorite shots of each member. Can you guess whose photo card she pulls out?

6. She collabs with fellow Apink members

Wanting to give her fans even more group content, Apink members show off their long-standing friendships by making frequent appearances in Bomi’s videos. She has pranked Hayoung on the set of her web drama, vlogged during Apink group promotions, and even had multiple mukbangs with leader Chorong, whom she still lives with.

If you liked these videos, join other “Bbo-song-ees” (Bomi’s subscribers) by checking out “Bbom-Bbom-Bbom” and watch her recent travel vlog to Thailand below.

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