Lai Kuanlin Talks About His Wardrobe Malfunction During Wanna One’s Performance At 2018 MAMA In Japan

Lai Kuanlin shared the story behind his wardrobe malfunction during 2018 Mnet Music Awards (MAMA) in Japan.

On the March 14 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together,” Lai Kuanlin appeared as a special MC and talked about what he wants to erase from his past.

“Last year at MAMA in Japan, I wanted to do a good job and used a lot of force,” began Lai Kuanlin. “But I think my clothes happened to be a smaller size that day. [My pants] ripped.”

Wanna One’s performance of “Boomerang” played on the screen and everyone reacted with shock when they saw Lai Kuanlin’s left leg that was clearly visible throughout the performance. Despite this unexpected mishap, Lai Kuanlin completed the performance and was praised for his professionalism.

The idol continued, “If it had ripped at the end, then I could’ve just walked off the stage and gotten it fixed, but this happened at the very beginning from the first move. At first, I thought, ‘Oh no. What do I do?’ and kept signaling to the members with my eyes, but it couldn’t be helped. The members worked hard to prepare for the performance and they had to perform themselves. This was something I needed to take care of on my own.”

He added, “This happened when there were about four songs left. It ripped from the very first dance move. I had my in-ear device in, but I could still hear the pop noise.”

When the MCs asked if he had to pay a lot of attention to the rip when he had to spread his legs for the choreography, Lai Kuanlin answered, “But I just spread my legs anyway. I didn’t want to be sorry to my members.”

Lai Kuanlin recently made his debut as unit Wooseok x Kuanlin with PENTAGON’s Wooseok. Check out the MV for their title track “I’m a Star” here!

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