JYP Selects Final “Super Intern” Winner To Become Full-Time Employee

“Super Intern” has come to an end!

The Mnet program featured JYP Entertainment selecting a full-time employee through the competition of 13 interns who were selected from about 6,000 applicants.

In the finale on March 14, the top three interns Choi Ji Eun, Jung Jong Won, and Im Ah Hyun competed for the final position.

For the final mission, the interns were told to create “super contents” with the assigned celebrities.

Choi Ji Eun was partnered with TWICE’s Dahyun. As Dahyun’s nickname is “Dubu” (tofu), Choi Ji Eun showed the cuteness of Dahyun cutely taking on the challenge on making tofu by herself.

Jung Jong Won worked with TWICE’s Chaeyoung and created a “coin drawing room” for her. She met with teenagers, listened and gave advice for their concerns, and gifted them with drawings.

Im Ah Hyun featured GOT7’s BamBam as a magazine editor as he styled himself and showed off his impressive video editing skills.

In the end, Jung Jong Won received 53 of the 69 votes from JYP Entertainment employees and artists to become the final winner.

Park Jin Young shared through his Instagram that Jung Jong Won has been working with the Production Team of the A&R Division since January 30.

In addition, two contestants from the show applied and were accepted through the company’s regular recruitment process. Choi Ji Eun is with the Publicity Team of the External Relations Division, while Kim Tae Joon, who was eliminated previously, is with the Management Team of the Actor Management Division. The two have been working since March 11.

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Congratulations to the new employees of JYP Entertainment!

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