The 14th Annual Soompi Awards: Halftime Results

Ladies and gentlemen, the halftime results are in for the 14th Annual Soompi Awards – including the results from the first round of our Twitter-only Best Fandom voting.

You may notice that some of these halftime rankings deviate from the rankings you see on the voting site. Please note that these are cumulative rankings based on web votes and Soompi Music Chart scores, where applicable. Don’t forget, high chart scores can be trumped by volume of votes.

There are still 13 days left to vote and, remember, the results can change at any time! We’ve seen major upsets in the past so it’s still anyone’s game! This year’s nominees are particularly competitive, with nominees regularly taking the edge over another.

Now on to the halftime results for Soompi Awards!


Best Female Solo Current Rankings*

1. IU
2. Sunmi
3. Chungha

Best Male Solo Current Rankings*

1. Jonghyun
2. RM
3. Seungri

Best Female Group Current Rankings*

3. Red Velvet

Best Male Group Current Rankings*

1. BTS
2. EXO
3. iKON

Rookie of the Year Current Rankings*

1. (G)-IDLE
2. Stray Kids

Best Choreography Current Rankings

1. Singularity – BTS’s V
2. Tempo – EXO
3. Solo – BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Best Collaboration Current Rankings

1. Waste It On Me – Steve Aoki ft. BTS
2. Kiss And Make Up – Dua Lipa, BLACKPINK
3. Lo Siento – Super Junior ft. Leslie Grace

Breakout Artist Current Rankings*

1. NCT
3. (G)-IDLE

Music Video of the Year Current Rankings

1. Fake Love – BTS
3. Lullaby – GOT7

Artist of the Year Current Rankings*

1. BTS
2. EXO

Song of the Year Current Rankings*

1. Fake Love – BTS
2. Tempo – EXO

Album of the Year Current Rankings*

1. Love Yourself: Answer – BTS
2. Don’t Mess Up My Tempo – EXO
3. Square Up – BLACKPINK

* For categories denoted with an asterisk, ranking determined by a combination of fan votes and Soompi Music Chart scores


Actor of the Year Current Rankings

1. D.O – 100 Days My Prince
2. Park Seo Joon – What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim
3. Junho – Just Between Lovers

Actress of the Year Current Rankings

1. Park Min Young – What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim
2. IU – My Ahjusshi
3. Chae Soo Bin – I Am Not a Robot

Best Acting Ensemble Current Rankings

1. SKY Castle
2. Hwayugi
3. Welcome to Waikiki

Best Couple Current Rankings

1. D.O. and Nam Ji Hyun – 100 Days My Prince
2. Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young – What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim
3. Cha Eun Woo and Im Soo Hyang – My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Best Foreign Drama Current Rankings

1. Meteor Garden – China
2. Haru Ga Kita – Japan
3. Sweet Combat – China

Best Idol Actor Current Rankings

1. Sehun – EXO
2. Suho – EXO
3. Cha Eun Woo – ASTRO

Best Soundtrack Current Rankings

1. Live OST
2. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim OST
3. Encounter OST

Best Supporting Actor Current Rankings

1. Kang Ki Young – What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim
2. Kim Min Jae – Tempted
3. Yoo Yeon Seok – Mr. Sunshine

Best Supporting Actress Current Rankings

1. Hwang Bo Ra – What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim
2. Moon Ga Young – Tempted
3. Lee Se Young – Hwayugi

Best Variety Show Current Rankings

1. Busted!
2. Running Man
3. Idol Room

Best Web Series Current Rankings

1. BTS: Burn The Stage
2. Dokgo Rewind
3. YG Future Strategy Office

Drama of the Year Current Rankings

1. 100 Days My Prince
2. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim
3. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Search “Soompi” in the Google Play or App Store to download the Soompi App to vote!


Best Fandom:

Remember, you have one more chance to vote on Twitter for Best Fandom on March 16 for 24 hours beginning at 8 p.m. KST. The total votes from both Round One and Round Two will determine the winner of the the Twitter Best Fandom category, as well as this year’s new honorary distinction, the Rising Fandom Achievement.

Data for the following Twitter Best Fandom halftime results is officially provided by Twitter. 

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