INFINITE’s Dongwoo Shares Thoughts On Upcoming Enlistment + Touching Words From Sunggyu

In a recent interview with StarNews, INFINITE’s Dongwoo gave some insights into his thoughts on his solo debut earlier this month with the album “Bye,” plans for enlistment, and more.

“Including my time as a trainee, I’ve spent 11 years with the members,” said Dongwoo. “Before this, I’d been putting my voice on featuring projects, solo songs, or unit work, but I’m grateful that this time I was able to complete my solo album with just my voice, without using any featuring artists. My mother also said it was ‘an honor for our family.'”

Dongwoo went on to describe how it was touching for him to be able to take part in the lyrics writing and composing for his album. “The songs all seem like my children,” he said. “I think this album will really be one that makes me grow.” He added with a laugh, “Even though it’s been ten years since I debuted, I still had room to rise.”

He was also asked about the members’ reactions to his album. “I filmed two music videos for this album, and the members said that ‘Party Girl’ was great and asked why I wasn’t promoting it,” he said with a laugh. “It was meaningful advice. But personally I like the song ‘Romeo’ more. Everyone has their own taste when it comes to songs.”

Dongwoo will be enlisting in the army as an active duty soldier, although his enlistment date has not yet been decided. It was reported that he previously applied to be a conscripted policeman, but didn’t pass the first round of examinations.

“I don’t think about this much still,” he said. “I’m planning to go this year as an active duty soldier. I’d planed to go as an active duty soldier in September 2018, but it was postponed because Sungyeol told me to go to his fan meeting in December first. In some way, it’s thanks to Sungyeol that I’ve released this solo album. Since I don’t have much time left before my enlistment, I’d like to spend it on work.”

Dongwoo was also asked if he’s heard anything from people around him about enlisting in the military.

“I’m close with actor Yoon Kyun Sang, and he gave me some advice about the army,” said Dongwoo. “Hwang Chi Yeol and Super Junior’s Donghae also told me, ‘Everyone goes to the army, so don’t worry about it.’ I think that since I don’t know my enlistment date yet, it hasn’t sunk in. The reactions from people around me have been different, with people telling me ‘Military service is a turning point in your life’ or ‘It’s torturous.’ Most people tell me that since I have a good personality, I’ll do well even in the army. At a fan signing event, more than five fans looked at me and cried. ‘I can’t send you off to the military,’ they said, or ‘Couldn’t you not go?'”

Dongwoo’s fellow INFINITE member Sunggyu is currently fulfilling his military service, and he was asked if he’s been in touch with him recently.

“I heard that Sunggyu is sleeping in the same quarters as Ji Chang Wook and Kang Ha Neul now,” said Dongwoo. He laughed as he added, “They’re all shy and not cheerful like me, so he said that it was awkward at first.”

Dongwoo continued, “When Sunggyu was out on leave, he said to me, ‘Trust and follow only me. Because we have to continue INFINITE. You should work hard in the way that you are and come back healthy from your military service, and then let’s bring INFINITE together again.'”

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