Update: Block B BASTARZ Drops MV Teaser For Upcoming Track “Help Me”

Updated March 26 KST:

A music video teaser has dropped for Block B BASTARZ’s upcoming track “Help Me”!

In the music video teaser, the three members are dressed in identical suits with corsages as if they are in a wedding together. The teaser comes to a dramatic ending with P.O whose face is completely covered in blood.

Check out the teaser below!

Updated March 25 KST:

Block B BASTARZ has dropped a MV teaser for their song “From Seoul”!

The teaser follows the three members as they meet up, take photos, and enjoy the sights of Seoul. Block B BASTARZ’s comeback will be at 6 p.m. KST on March 28.

Check out the teaser below!

Updated March 24 at 6 p.m. KST:

A highlight medley for Block B BASTARZ’s new album has been released!

The members took part in creating most of these songs, with P.O writing and composing “Help Me,” “If Not Me Who,” and “Like a Boy” (literal title). B-Bomb participated in writing and composing “From Seoul” and “Recognize,” and U-Kwon penned and composed “Let’s Ride.” For “Easy,” B-Bomb took part in composing the track, while P.O wrote part of the lyrics.

Updated March 24 KST:

A new group teaser image was revealed for Block B BASTARZ’s upcoming release!

Their new album “I’m a Mess” will be released on March 28.

Updated March 23 KST:

Block B BASTARZ has released new teaser images of P.O for their upcoming comeback.

Check them out below!

Updated March 22 KST:

U-Kwon is featured in new teaser photos for Block B BASTARZ’s upcoming comeback!

Check them out below:

Updated March 21 KST:

Block B BASTARZ dropped a fresh batch of teaser photos featuring B-Bomb! The group will be making their comeback with their third mini album “I’m a Mess” on March 28.

Check out the new teaser photos below!

Updated March 20 KST:

The first teaser has been released for Block B BASTARZ’s long awaited comeback!

The mini album “I’m a Mess” will be released on March 28.

Check out the teaser below!

Original Article:

Block B’s BASTARZ (P.O., U-Kwon, B-Bomb) will be making their first comeback in two years and five months!

It was reported that the sub-unit was preparing for a comeback and their agency KQ Entertainment confirmed the news as they said, “Block B’s BASTARZ will return. All three members participated in composing and writing lyrics for the album, Please anticipate it.”

According to the agency, the upcoming release will be a mini album with a total of eight tracks, and P.O. helped compose and write lyrics for the title track. The mini album will also feature solo tracks from each member as well, and the group hopes to showcase a side they haven’t shown before through a captivating music video.

Block B’s BASTARZ is set to hold their “Welcome 2 BASTARZ” concert on March 29 and 30, where they will perform their comeback title track for the first time for fans.

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