Yoon Ji Sung’s Agency Applies To Trademark His Name

LM Entertainment has applied for the trademark of Yoon Ji Sung’s name.

On March 18, YTN Star reported that the agency had registered to trademark Yoon Ji Sung’s name, stylized in English as “YOON JISUNG,” on February 12.

The media outlet inferred that the agency did not apply for the trademark of Kang Daniel’s name due to their current dispute. On March 3, Kang Daniel revealed on his fan cafe that although he had repeatedly made requests for LM Entertainment to transfer the social media accounts under his name to himself, the company allegedly refused his requests.

YTN Star explained that although an agency has the right to apply for the trademark of its artist’s name, it rarely does so. This is because it can be seen as restricting the artist’s ability to promote freely. In the past, MBK Entertainment applied for the trademark of T-ara’s name just as its contracts with the members were about to expire, causing friction with the group.

It also added that in the case that Yoon Ji Sung transfers agencies in the future, there would be complications when he used his name, as LM Entertainment may own the rights to the trademark “YOON JISUNG.”

Later in the day, LM Entertainment confirmed the news and revealed, “We are in the stages of applying for the trademark of Yoon Ji Sung’s name.”

The agency reportedly applied for the trademark of the singer’s name in February while producing Yoon Ji Sung’s album.

Although some people questioned whether the agency applied for the trademark due to its current dispute with Kang Daniel, many other agencies have also applied to trademark their artists’ names, so it is difficult to say whether the two situations are related.

Yoon Ji Sung made his solo debut after releasing his first album “Aside” on February 20. He also embarked on his Asian fan meeting tour on February 23 in Seoul and will be making his next stop in Tokyo on March 19.

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