MAMAMOO Talks About 1st Listen To “Gogobebe,” 1st Place Promise, And Members’ Individual Activities

On March 19, MAMAMOO entertained radio listeners through SBS Power FM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time”!

During the radio broadcast, MAMAMOO explained the meaning behind the title of their new song “Gogobebe” as a term that means everyone should just play, go, and enjoy themselves. When asked if they knew the song would do well on their first listen, they said, “Now, when our CEO makes us a new song, we always have a vague form of faith. We all have the same thought of, ‘This song is also good.'”

MAMAMOO also explained that their outfit concept was a party look for looking casual while having fun. When asked what style of clothes the members liked to wear on a normal basis, Solar said, “Since we wear tight clothing so often on stage, I normally like dressing comfortably.” Hwasa added, “I really like dresses. I put on something simple over a slip dress.”

On ideas for their first place promise, Solar said, “I gave an idea, but the members didn’t like it. Since we’ve dressed up in costumes pretty often, I suggested that we just enjoy the stage barefoot.” However, Moonbyul explained, “Since we’ve dressed in costumes, worn doll clothing, and done all sorts of things to decorate the stage, going barefoot seems too easy and bland.”

Solar also talked about her YouTube channel “Solarsido,” which is a play on the solfège system (from which Solar’s stage name was derived), as well as the combination of “Solar” and “attempt or challenge” in Korean. She said, “The contents show me trying various things. I could either learn something, and I’m also doing one thing at a time out of a wide range of things. The video that people watched the most was the one where I share what color lipstick I use.” The members complimented Solar with Hwasa saying, “Solar is really good at talking and things like that,” and Moonbyul said, “She said she finds comfort in doing it.”

The show also touched upon Hwasa’s solo activities with “Twit.” Hwasa said, “After having always performed as a team, it was burdensome to stand on stage alone because I have to captivate the audience alone.” She added, “On the other hand, however, it was an opportunity for me to learn a lot. It was really fun and nice.”

Moonbyul also shared, “The rest of us were also very nervous. We were worried if she would do well. While looking from below [the stage], we were saying, ‘What should we do, what should we do?'” revealing the members strong affection for one another.

Furthermore, Moonbyul talked about losing 15 kilograms (approximately 33 pounds) in the past by dieting. She explained, “Before debut, the company said, ‘We’ll let you practice together if you lose weight,’ so I worked hard to lose weight. I barely left my house for a month and half and that’s how I lost weight.”

She added, “The tip to dieting is simple. I eat all three meals, but sweet potato and milk are the main foods, not rice. After debut, we were busy and I didn’t like having stomach pain on stage, so I only ate a little bit, and now I think my body constitution has changed.”

Finally, the members concluded the broadcast by talking about their solo concert “4season s/s” that begins on April 19.

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