Watch: Jang Ki Yong And Nana Give Sneak Peek At Secret Pasts In “Kill It” Highlight Video

OCN has dropped a new preview for its upcoming drama “Kill It”!

“Kill It” is an action drama about a veterinarian named Kim Soo Hyun (played by Jang Ki Yong), who has a secret past as a killer, and detective Do Hyun Jin (played by Nana), who is chasing after a serial killer.

A five-minute highlight video of the drama gives fans a first look at the backstory of the two characters and their secrets.

Jang Ki Yong’s pursuit of his killer past

Kim Soo Hyun was shaped into the best killer through rigorous training since he was a child. He is an unprecedented killer who appears at unexpected places, instantly knocks down opponents, and knows all sorts of methods to eliminate his target. One thing this killer doesn’t know, however, is his own past.

A mysterious client appears and gives him a unique offer, saying, “The target is six people, but one photo [from your past] will be added every time one person is eliminated.” When broker Philip (played by Lee Jae Won) says, “You could find your past,” Kim Soo Hyun replies, “I need to know why they tried to kill me.” Will he be able to find his past?

Nana’s pursuit of a serial killer

“[People] are dying in the same way. It’s already the third,” says Do Hyun Jin as she begins to suspect a serial killer is behind these deaths. When someone asks her if she really thinks a man named Kim Jong Sik is the murderer, Do Hyun Jin answers, “No, because we have to think that Kim Jong Sik is the murderer in order for the real murderer to think that he has completely escaped from this case.”

Do Hyun Jin, who meticulously and realistically investigates cases, seems to have a hidden secret herself. A peek at her past shows her wearing a white dress and looking visibly uncomfortable to the point where she doesn’t say a word. What is Do Hyun Jin’s story, and will she be able to solve the serial murder case?

A source from the drama said, “We revealed a five-minute highlight clip to those who are waiting for the first episode and are curious about Kim Soo Hyun and Do Hyun Jin’s hidden story. The individual stories of Kim Soo Hyun and Do Hyun Jin, as well as their strange fate, will unfold in a suspenseful way starting from the first episode. Please join us for the first broadcast on March 23.”

“Kill It” will premiere on March 23 at 10:20 p.m. KST. Check out the clip below:

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