Akdong Musician Songs To Prepare You For Lee Chan Hyuk’s Return

Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun will soon be reuniting as Akdong Musician!

In September 2017, Lee Chan Hyuk enlisted in the Marine Corps, and on May 29 of this year, he will be discharged. Fans are already looking forward to the reunion of the siblings for some more amazing music.

Here are some of their memorable songs that will hype you up for their return:

1. “How can I love you until you say good-bye? I love you.”

Before Lee Chan Hyuk went into the military, the duo sang this unreleased song in public. It is a song with a calm melody that contains sad lyrics about not being able to give up on the one you love.

2. “Favorite”

“Favorite” is also one of the most requested songs of Akdong Musician. The cute melody and sweet lyrics emphasize Lee Soo Hyun’s lovable nature.

3. “Fried Egg’s Dream”

The adorable song that cleverly expressed a fried egg was created by Lee Chan Hyuk and gifted to IU. IU also sang this song at their concert.

4. “Though You’re Far Away”

This hidden treasure was created during their pre-debut days, and the song perfectly portrays their bright and pure vocals.

5. “Gradually”

“Gradually” was first revealed during “K-Pop Star Season 2.” It is a song that honestly portrays how feelings for a lover are gradually becoming more distant.

Are you looking forward to Akdong Musician’s return?

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