“Welcome To Waikiki 2” Director And Screenwriter Talk About Highly-Anticipated New Season

The second season of JTBC’s “Welcome to Waikiki” is coming up soon!

Expectations for the second season are hotter than ever with the first season having brought a fresh script, brilliantly laid-back coordination, novel and quirky episodes, and hard-working actors that amplified the humor. Fans are excited to see how director Lee Chang Min and Screenwriter Kim Ki Ho will create more hilarious scenes.

Regarding the second season, director Lee Chang Min expressed that the only reason “Welcome to Waikiki” got the opportunity to have another season is “all thanks to the viewers who loved season one.” He adds that the anticipation and excitement for the second season of the show is quite burdensome because he does not want to disappoint the viewers. The director also said, “Although I feel burdened, I’m having a great time working with the new actors.”

For the upcoming season, the two revealed, “There will be that same atmosphere of it being fun and easy to watch, but this season is more comical, and the scale of the characters’ accidents and events has gotten much larger. Keep an eye out and look forward to the events that will happen to the three friends.”

Screenwriter Kim Ki Ho discussed his process of creating the story for the upcoming season and what he hopes for the show, saying, “I thought, ‘If someone had to live with their childhood first love, wouldn’t some interesting things happen?’ That was the start of how everything unfolded, and then I tried to think of characters that would help bring the story line to life. The new characters are all young people having trouble solving problems in their lives, but they have the energy and passion to follow their dreams. I wanted to show how the positive energy of youth can overcome adversity.”

“Welcome to Waikiki” is known for discovering amazing young actors, hence why many viewers were curious about the cast for season two. Director Lee Chang Min revealed how they chose the cast and the reasons behind each casting, saying, “We were interested in casting Kim Seon Ho since season one. We first caught glimpse of him when we were casting for the role of Seo Jin last season, as he acted opposite actress Go Won Hee in her casting video. I already knew Shin Hyun Soo because he debuted through one of my dramas. I was positive that he would fit the genre we were going for. I thought Moon Ga Young, Ahn So Hee, and Kim Ye Won were three actresses who each had different charms that would perfectly fit the characters they were given.” When asked about why he chose to bring back the hilarious Lee Yi Kyung as a main character of the show, he simply said, “‘Welcome to Waikiki’ is Lee Yi Kyung.”

The director and screenwriter both expressed that they hope viewers can watch the show with a comfortable mindset once again and get ready to burst into laughter.

Welcome to Waikiki 2” will be airing its first episode on March 25 and will be available on Viki.

Watch the teaser below while you wait for the drama’s premiere!

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