Tony Ahn’s Mom Tries To Set Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Up With Her Son

On the latest episode of “My Ugly Duckling,” Tony Ahn‘s mother couldn’t hide just how much she wanted Girls’ Generation’s YoonA to marry her son!

YoonA appeared as a special MC on the March 24 broadcast of the SBS reality show, and as soon she arrived on set, the panel of celebrity moms began showering her with praise and admiring her beauty.

Tony Ahn’s mother, however, took things a step further—at one point during the show, she cautiously remarked, “YoonA is so pretty. If Tony was just a little younger, then maybe they could… together…”

As the other mothers cracked up at her honesty, host Seo Jang Hoon laughed, “Tony is the youngest member [of our cast], but he’s still too old [for YoonA]. It won’t do.”

Undeterred, Tony Ahn’s mother continued, “An [age difference] of approximately 10 years is fine.” YoonA politely agreed, “Yes, that’s very common these days.” Tony Ahn’s mother then began to praise her son, telling YoonA, “My Tony is very kind. And YoonA looks very kind as well.”

Kim Jong Kook‘s mother remarked in amusement, “I think this is the first time that she’s [tried to set her son up with a female guest]. In the past, she always told the other mothers to try and talk to the female guests, and she never mentioned Tony.”

Tony Ahn’s mother proceeded to declare, “[YoonA] doesn’t suit the other bachelors on this show. They’re all old.” Host Seo Jang Hoon responded, “Isn’t Tony a little old [for Yoona] as well?” and the other mothers agreed. Kim Jong Kook’s mother laughed, “We know that our sons are old, but Tony’s mother needs to know that he’s old as well!”

Nonetheless, Tony Ahn’s mother pressed on, asking YoonA if she had been a fan of H.O.T. when she was young. The Girls’ Generation member replied, “Yes, I was a fan of Tony [Ahn]’s when I was little.” She went on to praise her former SM Entertainment labelmate, recalling, “I went to H.O.T.’s recent concert, and Tony really was exactly the same as he was during [H.O.T.’s] past promotions.”

Tony Ahn’s mother then told YoonA directly, “I think it would be so great if you married my Tony. I think it would be great.” Everyone burst out laughing at her straightforward request, and Kim Jong Kook’s mother laughed, “We’re all thinking the same thing. We just can’t say it out loud.”

Check out the full episode of “My Ugly Duckling” below!

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