Shaun Announces Enlistment In Military + Plans For Future Overseas Tour

Shaun announced to fans during his concert that he will be enlisting in the army.

After his concert held on March 23, he shared more news about his upcoming army enlistment via an Instagram post, along with a Korean and English version of a letter for his fans.

Here is the full translation of his Korean Instagram post:

Did you all go home safely? What was intended to be a two-hour concert ended up being three and a half hours long (partly because I was having too much fun chatting instead of singing).

I’m grateful with all my heart for everyone that attended my concert!

I am writing this post because I wanted to take the time to make the announcement myself to every one of my fans, including those who were not able to attend the concert, as well as those who have been supporting me via social media and listening to my music.

On April 1, I will be enlisting in the army to serve my country.

I’ve been planning to enlist for almost six years and am now finally announcing my enlistment. It makes me realize I’ve been moving continuously forward with no breaks in between.

Some people have been wondering why I haven’t been going abroad to meet foreign fans after the release of my album “Take.”

Because I haven’t served in the army yet, I’ve had restrictions on my entry and departure, and so I have not been able to go in and out of the country freely, making it difficult to hold concerts abroad. For the past few months, I’ve received a lot requests for tours in North America, South America, Asia, and Europe and have been eager to go to all those places to show my music but sadly have had to hold off.

After serving in the army, I am hoping to visit my foreign fans who love my music in November 2020.

I plan to continue to release songs I have been working on even while in the army, so I hope you continue to listen to my music and support my future work.

The letter included in this post is an image of the front and back side of a postcard I handed out to my fans who attended the concert yesterday. During the concert, I took the time to autograph the postcards as a way to say thanks to my fans.

I am honored to have held a solo concert on such an amazing stage so soon. After receiving my enlistment date notice, I didn’t know how to announce this news. For about two weeks, I was solely focused on preparing for this concert as a way to show my appreciation for the people who have helped me.

I could not have done it without the help of the staff and production team, who have become a speck of ash from the exhaustion of preparing for a concert in such a short period of time. A shout out to my DJ producer friends who came by to see my concert despite their busy schedule and also to OVAN, band REVIBE YOUR SOUL (who I’ve already thanked more than 100 times in the car and at the after party), and lyricist JQ for featuring as guests at my concert. Thank you all and I love you!

I hope my feelings have been relayed at least to some extent in this post. I am thankful yet also sorry about having to leave my fans for a while. As I mentioned in my letter, I hope the melody and lyrics of my songs are always around you although we may be apart some distance and time.

Thank you fans for all your support and I will be back with even better music!

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