7 Times TXT Members Were Too Adorable To Handle

Big Hit Entertainment’s new boy group just debuted, but we are already whipped for them! The five members of TOMORROW X TOGETHER are the definition of cute, and with the success of their debut single, “Crown,” fans couldn’t help but fall in love with their innocent charms. The song itself is as refreshing as taking a walk on a sunny spring day, but watching the boys being themselves and having the time of their life warms everyone’s heart as well. Although it’s impossible to list them all, take a look at some of their most adorable moments since debut!

Be careful, this is definitely CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

Their reaction to their first music video

Watching idols react to their own MVs is always so much fun, and TXT members are no exception! Their cutest moments include leader Soobin cringing over his own parts and finding everyone else adorable, Taehyun with his mouth open while being absolutely amazed by the video, and all five of them being super super excited watching their music video for the first time!

Their first music show win

Music show wins are great milestones for Korean artists, and fans of TXT wasted no time in helping the boys get their first win for their debut song a few weeks ago! The boys were truly humble accepting the trophy and their group hug during the encore stage was the purest thing ever!

The older ones trying to steal Kai’s plushie

It’s hard being the youngest one in an idol group and TXT’s maknae Kai gets his share of teasing as well. After coming back from the aquarium, he was happily playing with his new plush dolphin, but Beomgyu decided this was the perfect time to run away with the toy, and the others were helping him finish his mission. Don’t worry though, Huening Kai and his dolphin got their happy ending!

The new generation of perfect English speakers

Finding the right English pronunciation is actually pretty hard, but TXT is really trying their best! Especially Soobin, who demonstrates how to pronounce healthy perfectly. It’s just simply adorable!

Waking up Yeonjun is the biggest challenge

Being an idol is tiring and rookies need to grab every opportunity to rest for a bit! Eldest member Yeonjun knows this pretty well and tries to get as much sleep as possible – even if it means getting teased by the younger members, who’s biggest mission in life is to disturb their hyung in his sleep. Do they succeed? Check out in these videos!

The “Blue Orangeade” choreography

Being adorable while dancing is no challenge for TXT! The choreography for “Blue Orangeade” is not only powerful and full of fresh energy but it’s also the cutest thing ever. The song and the dance will make you happy in no time, trust me!

Their KK Dance Challenge

This fun game involved a lot of fantastic challenges, including Beomgyu reenacting a scene from “Goblin,” Taehyun beating everyone in rock-paper-scissors, and all five of them in the cutest horn props possible.

Fans of TOMORROW X TOGETHER! What were your favorite moments with the boys so far? Tell us in the comments below!

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