7 Romantic Lines By Lee Dong Wook In “Touch Your Heart” That Made Fans Swoon

Lee Dong Wook’s character has been a highlight of “Touch Your Heart” with his direct and romantic lines!

The tvN drama stars Lee Dong Wook as the serious and hard-working lawyer Kwon Jung Rok and Yoo In Na as the cheerful and determined actress Oh Yoon Seo. The show has followed the pair as they fell in love while she worked as his secretary, with a brief hiccup in which they broke up before recently reuniting.

One aspect of the drama that viewers are loving is the character of Kwon Jung Rok, who is always direct when he talks to Oh Yoon Seo (or Oh Jin Shim as he calls her), is genuine and earnest, and has become increasingly open with his feelings.

Revisit some of his best lines below, which have both made fans’ hearts race as well as helped further their love story.

1. “As much as you worry about me and comfort me, I want to do that for you as well.”

In episode 6, Kwon Jung Rok made this sincere confession to Oh Yoon Seo after she’d been by his side during a hard time. When he saw her trying to warm up her cold hands, he took her hand and placed it in his pocket and said, “As much as you worry about me and comfort me, I want to do that for you as well.” This allowed the pair to confirm their shared feelings for each other.

2. “I’m going to take steps towards you at my own pace. Slowly, and for a long time.”

After a shaky start to their dating life, Kwon Jung Rok admitted to Oh Yoon Seo that he’d been in the wrong. He apologized for not making his feelings clear, taking too long to ask her out, and having to postpone their date. As they finally had their first date at an observatory, and Kwon Jung Rok made her smile when he said to her, “I’m going to take steps towards you at my own pace. Slowly, and for a long time.”

3. “You said I didn’t need to ask.”

In episode 8, the couple had their memorable first kiss. Oh Yoon Seo asked Kwon Jung Rok, “Is it okay if I kiss you?” and gave him a kiss. She then got embarrassed and said, “You just looked so adorable. Later on, you should just kiss me. You don’t need to ask. I mean, if you want to.”

When she turned to leave, Kwon Jung Rok grabbed her and gave her another kiss before saying, “You said I didn’t need to ask” before they deepened the kiss.

4. “I like you. I’m telling you I like you, Oh Jin Shim.”

Kwon Jung Rok showed that he was trying to be the absolute perfect boyfriend in episode 9. After Oh Yoon Seo gave him a score of 99 because he always talked to her formally as though they were still in the office, Kwon Jung Rok worked hard at home to get used to talking to her differently by practicing calling out her name in a familiar way.

After all that practice, he got up the courage to say to her in an informal way, “I like you. I’m telling you I like you, Oh Jin Shim.” He smiled as he explained, “I thought about it, and I couldn’t stand losing that one point.”

5. “By bad things you’re imagining, did you mean this?”

Kwon Jung Rok proved himself to be an expert at romance in episode 10 when he visited Oh Yoon Seo’s house for the first time. After they laughed together over how they’d been nervous about their date in her home, Oh Yoon Seo admitted that she’d been imagining things since they were alone at her house. Flustered, she then added, “I didn’t mean I was imagining bad things.”

But Kwon Jung Rok made the scene perfect when he said “By bad things you’re imagining, did you mean this?” and leaned in for a kiss.

6. “Don’t touch my girl.”

Kwon Jung Rok came to the rescue in episode 11 when Oh Yoon Seo’s stalker Lee Gang Joon broke into her house and attacked her. After rushing to her aid and entering her house, Kwon Jung Rok punched Lee Gang Joon, sending him down to the floor. He made sure to position Oh Yoon Seo behind him and said to him firmly, “Don’t touch my girl.”

7. “Oh Jin Shim, I love you.”

Of course, one of the best moments in the drama so far has been the couple’s reunion. Kwon Jung Rok broke up with Oh Yoon Seo to make her comeback as an actress easier, but Oh Yoon Seo told him, “I’m more scared of you leaving my side than I am of missing an opportunity because of a scandal. If you’re really doing this for me, then stay by my side.” Kwon Jung Rok revealed his true feelings for her as he said, “Oh Jin Shim, I love you.” The scene was then sealed with a perfect kiss.

Viewers are excited to find out what will happen in the last two episodes of “Touch Your Heart” after the couple’s relationship has grown even stronger following their time apart.

Catch up with “Touch Your Heart” below!

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