Upcoming Drama About School Violence With Nam Da Reum And Kim Hwan Hee Drops Main Poster

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Beautiful World” revealed its main poster.

“Beautiful World” will tell the story of a young boy named Park Sun Ho, who lies on the brink of death following an incident of school violence, and his family as they chase after the truth and justice in his name.

The main poster features the family before the tragic incident. They are inside a bakery shop, which is owned by the parents Park Moo Jin (Park Hee Soon) and Kang In Ha (Chu Ja Hyun). The parents are joined by the aunt Kang Jun Ha (Lee Chung Ah), the daughter Park Soo Ho (Kim Hwan Hee), and the son Park Sun Ho (Nam Da Reum).

With sunlight coming in from the back, the family members pose with bright smiles on their faces. However, the photo immediately draws attention to Nam Da Reum who is the only one in the poster featured in black and white.

The tagline on the poster reads, “We sincerely begged. For our son to wake up, and also for the truth to be revealed.” This reflects the thoughts of the family members as they seek the truth behind the tragedy.

The production team of “Beautiful World” said, “The main poster that was released today shows a moment from the family’s past, when everything was beautiful and happy that it’s that much more upsetting. The warm feelings of the HoHo bakery and family who will always be on our side. It is heartwarming just to think about it.”

They continued, “From the dad Park Moo Jin, mom Kang In Ha, aunt Kang Jun Ha, and to sister Park Soo Ha. Please look forward to how they will go about searching after the hidden truth behind the tragic event involving Park Sun Ho, which instantly breaks the family’s happiness, and if they will be able to find the ‘Beautiful World’ inside a strong fence that is family.”

“Beautiful World” will premiere on April 5 at 11 p.m. KST and will also be available on Viki with English subtitles.

Check out the trailer below:

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