Merry Lee Reveals Plans To Hold A “Me Too” Press Conference To Expose Public Figures + Voices Support For Jang Ja Yeon’s Investigation

TV personality Merry Lee has announced that she will be hosting a “Me Too” press conference in the beginning of April.

On March 26, a source from civic organization Citizens’ Movement said, “We are planning to hold a press conference with Merry Lee in the beginning of April. Merry Lee is currently working as a promotional ambassador for the 2020 Qatar World Cup, so we’re working on schedule adjustments.”

The source continued, “Merry Lee is planning to reveal past stories of sexual harassment by public figures in the academic, political, and financial worlds.”

Merry Lee previously uploaded a post on her Facebook page that said she was forced to serve drinks to public figures. The post has since been deleted, and it was shared in the news with names censored. On March 17, she wrote, “I’m supporting the extension of the investigation of Jang Ja Yeon‘s case! I want a more thorough investigation.”

She continued, “Chairman *** of network ***, you’re a devil without any guilty conscience. *** of *** Electronics and former member of the National Assembly ***. I’ll never forgive these devils. All of you corrupt bastards cut off the tail then say that didn’t happen?”

She added, “They forced silence about disadvantages and pressured me to serve drinks. They even insulted my parent’s death. I can’t forget how you couldn’t say a single word of comfort to someone who just went through mourning, but said with an evil smile that if I don’t have money and don’t appear on TV, then I should be good to ***.”

Merry Lee concluded, “I fought with you all for six years. All of the people who tried to cover this up are also accomplices.”

Merry Lee debuted in 1994 as an official MC of MBC, and has appeared in dramas such as “Jang Gil San,” “Yeon Gaesomun,” “Queen of Housewives,” and “New Tales of Gisaeng.” She currently resides in Qatar.

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