13 DAY6 Songs That Are Perfect For Lovely Spring Days

Spring has finally arrived! Cherry blossoms are making our days 10 times happier, and there is a hope for new beginnings for everyone. What better to do than go outside and take a walk while listening to your favorite spring anthems? DAY6 is known for their rich variety of songs, and the boys definitely have some tracks with awesome spring vibes!

Check out our playlist below for the perfect DAY6 songs for lovely spring days!


“Chocolate” was the OST “Want More 19” needed, and as always, DAY6 delivered. We just can’t get enough of the smooth vocals, and the song will make you smile in no time!

“I’m Serious”

A road trip with the members? It would be a dream come true! “I’m Serious” was released as part of the Every DAY6 project back in April 2017, but listening to it is still as refreshing as it was the first time.

“Beautiful Feeling”

This song would deserve a spot on this list because of Dowoon’s sweet vocals alone, but listening to “Beautiful Feeling” really makes you want to just go out, find the nearest park or beach, and walk with a huge smile on your face.

“Like That Sun”

With spring come longer days and lots and lots of sunshine! Don’t just sit inside the whole day, go out and enjoy being in the sun while listening to this super catchy DAY6 bop!


Another perfect song for road trips, traveling, or just chilling with friends! Do yourself a favor and read through the lyrics as well, because the boys are telling you something very important with “Marathon.”

“I’ll Remember”

The beautiful vocals in this song are definitely worth mentioning. You just can’t go wrong with DAY6 songs if you are thinking of creating a spring playlist for yourself!


My Days! What are your greatest habits? One of mine is definitely listening to this song on repeat! You just can’t get bored of the sweet melody of the chorus and the lovely lyrics.

“Hi Hello”

Look at this video and tell me it’s not one of your wishes to just be there with these boys and enjoy being in their company! “Hi Hello” is another track we just couldn’t leave out of this list.

“Feeling Good”

Don’t forget this gem from their 2018 album “Shoot Me: Youth Part 1”!

“I Just”

Love is in the air with this super cute Japanese release from “UNLOCK.” Be careful, the amazing guitar melody will leave you in awe!

“Man In A Movie”

Yes, we would all like to be the female leads right next to these five amazing men in a movie!


The whole “Daydream” EP was full of amazing tracks, but there is just something about the melody of “Blood” that makes it the perfect choice for a delightful picnic in the park with friends! And as for the lyrics, they might be fitting for you if you are feeling angry over past relationships or friendships.

“What Can I Do?”

The boys’ acting is not the only thing worth mentioning about this beautiful song! The catchy melody will instantly put you in a good mood that will last for the whole day! That’s DAY6’s power for sure!

My Days! Hope you enjoyed this spring playlist! What are your favorite DAY6 spring anthems? Tell us in the comments below!

When she’s not studying or working, fanniberger spends her time obsessing over K-pop groups and drinking way too much bubble tea. She wants to give a huge shout out to her favorite My Day Kriszti for the help with this list. She is also happy that Dowoon joined twitter finally! Say hi to her on Twitter and Instagram!

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