Agency Of g.o.d’s Danny Ahn Issues Statement On His Role In Champagne Bar Accused Of Tax Evasion

g.o.d member Danny Ahn’s agency has issued a statement after a controversy arose surrounding a champagne bar that he was linked to.

On March 29, a report was published about a champagne bar in the Gangnam district that had registered as a general restaurant while operating in fact as an adult entertainment establishment. This allows for a business to pay less in taxes. It was reported that Danny Ahn had been a part of the foundation of the venue.

That day, his agency sidusHQ issued the following statement:

Hello. This is sidusHQ.

We are conveying our official statement regarding Danny Ahn, who was mentioned in reports on this day, March 29.

We apologize for causing concern through this unsavory matter to those who love g.o.d and Danny Ahn.

We looked into the issue and found that it is true that Danny Ahn was registered as an outside director for the champagne bar B. At the request of a friend, he agreed to help with the interior design of the champagne bar, and he took part in the design of parts such as the merchandise. This is because he has had a great interest in this field, just as he previously designed the fan club logo when g.o.d was promoting.

He was registered as an outside director on November 31, 2017 and he received a fixed amount of money as monthly pay while carrying out the work. However, after he came to think that it was work in a field that he didn’t understand well, he resigned from the position of outside director on February 21, 2018.

During the roughly three months that he was registered as an outside director, he did not take part in the overall business such as management or investing. We emphasize that in particular he had no part in the business registering decision process that has recently become an issue.

Thank you.

Following their initial statement, sidusHQ has responded to those who pointed out that it was initially reported that Danny Ahn was registered as an “inside director” (사내 이사) and not an “outside director” (사외 이사, also translated as “non-executive director”) of the champagne bar.

The agency apologized and clarified, “We stated that Danny Ahn was registered as an outside director of champagne bar B, but it was a mistake that came about because we did not recognize the difference between an outside director and an inside director.”

“Nevertheless, there is no change to our statement, whether he was an outside director or an inside director,” they continued. “The champagne bar opened on February 18, and Danny Ahn resigned on February 21. During those three days, he did not take part directly in the management, and he did not promote it. He only helped out with the interior and design, and he did not receive more money from this in the form of monthly pay or other payment.”

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