4 Choices That Jung Il Woo Faces In The Final Few Weeks Of “Haechi”

Jung Il Woo’s character in the SBS drama “Haechi” is finally throwing off his chains and getting back at the people who have held him down.

As “Haechi” moves into its final month, here are four choices that Jung Il Woo, his allies, and his enemies are facing:

Teaming up with Lee Kyung Young

In the previous broadcast, Prince Yeoning (Jung Il Woo) and Min Jin Heon (Lee Kyung Young) caught viewers’ attention by dramatically banding together. Through Prince Mil Poong (Jung Moon Sung)’s tricks, Prince Yeoning was accused of murdering King Gyeongjong (Han Seung Hyun) and conspiring to usurp the throne.

Prince Yeoning then appealed to Min Jin Heon, who is the head of a noble family, by suggesting, “We may be enemies, but we’re in the same boat.” To viewers’ surprise, Min Jin Heon did end up covering for Prince Yeoning and the prince escaped by a hair’s breadth. However, it remains to be seen how the relationship between them will develop in the future.

Punishing Han Sang Jin

Will Park Moon Soo (Kwon Yool), the inspector at Saheonbu (a Joseon-era board of inspection), uncover all the crimes of Wi Byung Joo (Han Sang Jin)? Over the course of “Haechi,” Wi Byung Joo has murdered Han Jung Suk (Lee Pil Mo), covered it up, closed his eyes to the corruption and bribery going on at Saheonbu, and helped frame Prince Yeoning for conspiracy against the throne. He will stop at nothing to protect his own position.

But Park Moon Soo has now discovered Wi Byung Joo’s journal, in which he wrote about Han Jung Suk’s violent death, and found evidence that the death was engineered to look like an accident. A big step in Prince Yeoning’s path to a happy ending rests in Park Moon Soo’s hands, as he decides whether to uncover the truth of Han Jung Suk’s death and bring Wi Byung Joo to justice.

Continuing down the path of evil

Prince Mil Poong (Jung Moon Sung) came between Prince Yeoning and King Gyeongjong and made people suspect Yeoning of conspiracy against the throne. He forged documents and played tricks in order to pull off this frame-up, but through Min Jin Heon’s help, Prince Yeoning escaped the charges. Now it only remains to be seen whether the truth of Prince Mil Poong’s interference will come to light.

Will Prince Mil Poong back away now that his plot failed, or will he continue down the path of evil? He is a character who has not shied away from committing evil acts like murder and poison when he was backed against a corner. How much further down this dark path can he go?

Choosing friendship or love

In the previous broadcast, Dal Moon (Park Hoon) betrayed Prince Yeoning and conspired with his first love, Chun Yoon Young (Bae Jung Hwa), who is now Prince Mil Poong’s lover. Viewers were particularly outraged at how they spread rumors about Prince Yeoning’s birth throughout the city. However, it was revealed that this was all part of Dal Moon’s plan to get information from Prince Mil Poong about his plans to frame Prince Yeoning for conspiracy.

Through some excellent spywork, Dal Moon managed to send word to Prince Yeoning that Prince Mil Poong was behind the frame-up. However, Dal Moon is unable to forget Chun Yoon Young, making it an open question whether he will choose his first love or his friend in the end.

“Haechi” airs every Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. KST. Watch the latest episode below!

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