Watch: “SKY Castle” Star Impresses With His Voice On “The King Of Mask Singer”

The identity of Gargamel was unveiled on the latest episode of MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer”!

On the March 31 broadcast of the reality show, eight masked singers competed for the throne of “The King of Mask Singer.”

During the final performance of the first round, Eliza and Gargamel performed a duet to Huh Gak and Zia’s “I Need You.”


Eliza won the round with 68 votes, and Gargamel remained on stage to take off his mask while singing Roy Kim’s “The Great Dipper.”

Gargamel turned out to be none other than “SKY Castle” star Song Geon Hee!

The actor revealed, “I was a trainee [to become a singer] for about a year and a half. I learned singing and dancing back then. My practice from then paid off today. I was hoping not to hear [from the panelists] that I [seemed like] an actor, so I was happy that no one said that. Thank you for looking upon me favorably.”

After the broadcast, Song Geon Hee posted a photo of himself with his mask backstage. “I was Gargamel!” wrote the actor. “It was really fun and joyful. I made a new memory. Thank you, ‘The King of Mask Singer.'”

Check out the clip of Song Geon Hee’s reveal below!

Watch the full episode of “The King Of Mask Singer” now:

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