Kim Seon Ho Confirmed For tvN Drama With Moon Geun Young In Talks As Female Lead

Kim Seon Ho has been confirmed for the cast of “Catch the Ghost”!

On April 2, it was reported that the actor will be starring in the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama “Catch the Ghost.”

In response, his agency SALT Entertainment commented, “Kim Seon Ho is confirmed to star as the male lead in ‘Catch the Ghost.'”

Kim Seon Ho will be taking on the role of Go Ji Suk who has been a detective for Wangsimni Subway Police for three years and is the chief of Investigative Team One. He entered the homicide department after graduating from the police academy, but he changed his dreams after becoming the guardian for his single mother who gets diagnosed with dementia. While living life as a police officer who oversees procedures and regulations instead of a cop that catches bad people, his life begins anew when he meets an overzealous newbie.

In 2017, Kim Seon Ho became well-known to the public through “Chief Kim,” and he continued to showcase his acting skills by taking on roles in “Strongest Deliveryman,” “Two Cops,” “You Drive Me Crazy,” “100 Days My Prince,” and more. After wrapping up his work in “Welcome to Waikiki 2,” he will move on to “Catch the Ghost.”

“Catch the Ghost” is a romantic investigative drama about a woman named Yoo Ryung who solves cases with her overflowing sense of justice and exceptional spatial perception but always gets herself into trouble because of her rash actions. She meets Go Ji Suk, a man who avoids cases and seeks stability. However, he always ends up cleaning up after the problems caused by Yoo Ryung and holds the key to the solving the cases. Moon Geun Young is in talks to take on the role of the female lead Yoo Ryung.

The drama will be directed by producing director (PD) Shin Yoon Seob of “Rooftop Prince” and “Please Come Back, Mister” and penned by writers So Won and Lee Young Joo.

In the meantime, start watching Kim Seon Ho’s latest drama “Welcome to Waikiki 2” down below!

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