Exclusive: 11 Moments From ATEEZ’s “The Expedition” Tour In NYC We Can’t Stop Thinking About

At this point does ATEEZ even need an intro? If you’re new to the boy band sensation, here’s what you need to know: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho – the eight members of the group – debuted only five months ago and have already embarked on a sold out world tour. Impressive? Well, that’s because they are. Without a doubt one of the most powerful K-pop acts at the moment, the ATEEZ members are as talented as they are passionate, and it’s easy to tell from both their music videos and while seeing them perform live.

After concerts in Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and Atlanta, the octet said goodbye to their U.S. fans in New York City last weekend before heading to Europe, where their tour will continue until April 21. Taking us on a journey through some covers and pre-debut songs, on top of their addictive post-debut tracks, ATEEZ’s show in New York was one for the books and anyone who was part of it can testify so. From “Pirate King” to Atiny’s favorites like “Desire”, “Light”, “Stay,” “My Way,” “Twilight,” “Hala Hala,” “Promise,” “Say My Name,” and “Treasure” (yeah, I just mentioned the whole setlist there, but let’s face it, they’re all favorites), the show and the boys’ talents didn’t disappoint.

While trying to choose only a few favorite moments from the almost two and a half hours show – because let us tell you, there were many memorable ones – we brought you 11 iconic moments for you to rejoice in if you didn’t have the chance to attend or to just relive the journey and put a smile on your face if you were part of this magical night.

When the concert started and the audience just lost it

I can almost assure you, no one remembers the first two minutes of the concert. The adrenaline was just so high, there’s no way our brains were able to retain it, but thankfully the internet is here to save us and remind us of this beautiful moment.

When Jongho broke an apple in two

If you weren’t sure about becoming an ATEEZ stan, here’s a video of Jongho – the makane of the group – splitting an apple in two on stage. But this was not a random act. Jongho is known in the social media sphere for splitting fruits in half while singing, and we got to see in happen right in front of our eyes. Talk about talents.

When the bromance drama took over

WooSan, WooSang, YunGi, YeoYung… not sure at this point what’s our favorite bromance… and seems like they’re not sure either! While trying to answer the question “What motivates you?”, Yeosang and Wooyoung initiated what became the best reality show we could have asked for. Watch how the whole thing unfold in the video below.

When they picked us up with A$ap Rocky

The word “WOW” was heard all over the place throughout this whole performance. Not only we were able to witness ATEEZ’s pure talent on stage but also lost our hearts and souls in the process. They certainly made sure we will never un-stan them.

When they promised to stay by Atiny forever

It’s not weird the audience got energized yet emotional during this stage. The concert was about to come to an end, and while we enjoyed the choreography and live performance, ATEEZ making a promise to always hold Atiny’s hands made our hearts clench a bit, as we were all suddenly very aware it was almost time to say goodbye.

When we discovered Seonghwa is secretly a rapper

Can we please get a B-side of Seonghwa rapping to every single ATEEZ song, please? There’s now proof he’s actually very good at it, and we demand to hear more.

When we became very thankful “7 Rings” exists

Right in the middle of the show, the group surprised us all with an intense Q&A session where they picked questions and challenges from the audience. As if the music gods heard our prayers, one of the questions asked for all members to do a sexy dance, and well… we’ll just say things got intense.

When San danced to EXO’s “Love Shot” and we all got hurt by the bullet

No one for sure was expecting for this to happen but we were all very thankful afterwards. Also as part of the Q&A, San took to the stage to show off his talents by sharing a dance cover of EXO’s “Love Shot.” Yes, you’re right, the audience went crazy and the moment will remain in our brains for the rest of our lives. (Volume up on the video for proof).

When they slayed us all showing up on red suits

While their songs and incredible talent are reasons enough to stan ATEEZ, the group showed up in all-red outfits for the last three songs of the show and the audience just lost it. As if “Hala Hala”, “Promise,” and “Say My Name” weren’t already a lot to handle, these outfits took our emotions to a whole new level of excitement.

When we finally saw this live after rewatching 1000x on YouTube

You know that feeling when you watch a video on YouTube a thousand times and then see it live and you just feel like you accomplished something in life? That’s exactly how all 800+ of us felt like during this stage.

When this hug made us all emotional

This was ATEEZ’s last show in the US, which got them a little emotional at the end of the show and, how not to? Just five months after debuting the group, was able to fulfill one of their biggest dreams and they made sure to let their fans and crew know they were incredibly thankful for it. With this hug they said goodbye to Atiny, but not without promising they were going to be back very soon.

Were you there that night too, Soompiers? Share with us your favorite moments!

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