Fans Are Blown Away By BLACKPINK’s Stunning “Kill This Love” MV: Check Out Some Of The Best Reaction Tweets

BLACKPINK has finally made their long-awaited comeback with “Kill This Love,” and fans couldn’t be more thrilled!

On April 5 at midnight KST, BLACKPINK released the jaw-droppingly epic music video for their new title track “Kill This Love.” Shortly afterwards, BLINKs lit up Twitter with excited posts about the release, and the hashtag #KILLTHISLOVEwithBLACKPINK soon rose to the top of the social media platform’s worldwide trends.

First, fans were thrilled by the return of the group’s iconic “BLACKPINK in your area” intro from their debut track “BOOMBAYAH.”

They also couldn’t get enough of Jennie‘s earworm “rum pum-pum pum-pum” hook from the chorus.

Rosé and Jisoo impressed everyone with their acting and their vocals, while Lisa and Jennie proved once again that they are multi-talented stars.

Fans were also wowed by that epic ending sequence!

BLINKs also shared their own interpretations of the music video’s meaning, with many fans expressing their awe at the insanely cool heart-shaped bear trap set that appeared in the second half of the video.

Some fans offered a slightly more lighthearted take on the music video:

Finally, almost every second of the music video for “Kill This Love” was a treat for the eyes—and needless to say, all four members’ visuals were on point.

What were your favorite moments from BLACKPINK’s new music video for “Kill This Love?” Let us know in the comments below!

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