Kang Ki Young Announces Plans For Spring Wedding

Kang Ki Young is getting married!

On April 5, Kang Ki Young’s agency Yooborn Company announced the actor’s upcoming marriage in an official statement. After revealing that he is in a relationship last August during an interview to commemorate the end of “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,” the actor has been open about his plans for a wedding in various TV shows such as SBS’s “Village Survival, the Eight.”

The following is the official statement from Yooborn Company:

Hello, this is Yooborn Company. We are delivering our official statement regarding reports of Yooborn Company’s artist Kang Ki Young’s upcoming marriage.

Kang Ki Young will be holding a wedding on May 25. Just as he has been revealing in recent broadcasts, he was able to come to the beautiful result of marriage with his girlfriend after building up their love for about three years. Amidst encouragement and blessings from many people, the two are currently preparing for their wedding.

We ask for your understanding as the wedding will be hosted as a private event with only the couple’s family, relatives, and close acquaintances, due to the bride’s non-celebrity status.

We also ask for your warm wishes for Kang Ki Young, who is facing a new start as both an actor and the head of his family, and we will do our best to pay back your love and interest with good acting. Thank you.

Congratulations to Kang Ki Young!

If you haven’t, check out Kang Ki Young in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” below:

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