Watch: DreamCatcher Wows Fellow Guests And The Audience With Their “Immortal Songs” Performance

DreamCatcher appeared on “Immortal Songs”!

The April 6 episode was based on songs composed by the late Lee Ho Joon.

DreamCatcher decided to perform their own version of “Like an Indian Doll” (literal translation), which was originally sang by Nami.

JiU explained, “The original lyrics are a bit sad but have a strong sound. So, we will show our powerful performance of the song today.”

SuA shared, “Just because this is our second time here doesn’t mean we feel more relaxed. We do feel nervous like before, but we will be able to enjoy this [time] more because of the upbeat song.”

DreamCatcher then showed a powerful and sexy rendition that captivated the watchers.

When the performance was over, Nam Tae Hyun praised, “Actually, I like this song, but it doubled up on sophistication with a girl group performing it.”

Park Si Hwan, their direct competitor during the episode, admitted, “I watched them while dancing along in the back.”

Check out their performance below:

Check out the whole “Immortal Songs” episode below!

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