Hwang Ha Na Reveals She Used Illegal Drugs At Celebrity Friend’s Suggestion

During a court questioning about her drug usage and distribution charges, Hwang Ha Na claimed that she took drugs after being suggested to do so by a celebrity friend.

On April 6, the Suwon District Court issued a pre-trial detention warrant for Hwang Ha Na at 6:50 p.m. KST after questioning her to determine the validity of the warrant. The court said, “There is a concern that she may escape, so there is a need to detain her.”

Hwang Ha Na is suspected of using Philopon (a form of methamphetamine) between May to June and September of 2015 and illegally taking two medications containing Clonazepam, a psychotropic drug, in April last year. In September 2015, Hwang Ha Na was charged with violating the Narcotics Control Act under suspicions of taking 0.5 grams of Philopon with a college student identified by their last name Cho in the Gangnam district.

During the questioning, Hwang Ha Na and her lawyer admitted to all charges of drug usage. They explained that she first administered Philopon in 2015 and stopped for three years until her celebrity friend “A” suggested that she take the drug again, resulting in her using the drug from late-2018 until recent days.

Hwang Ha Na confessed, “I wanted to stop using Philopon, but I continued to do so because ‘A’ pressured me into it.” The police has begun investigating the celebrity “A” that was mentioned by Hwang Ha Na. Celebrity “A” is currently the only celebrity that has been brought up by Hwang Ha Na regarding her case, but there is a possibility that another celebrity or chaebol‘s name might be mentioned during the investigation of Hwang Ha Na and celebrity “A.” The police has stated, “Nothing can be revealed as the investigation is still ongoing.”

When asked whether she acknowledges the charges regarding the distribution of drugs, she replied that she did not. In relation to reports of her saying, “My dad is best friends with the Police Commissioner,” the court asked who the Police Commissioner in question is, and she briefly replied, “There is [no one].”

This question was asked to address the speculations that Hwang Ha Na escaped punishment using her chaebol connections. In June 2017, Jongno Police Station forwarded her case to the prosecution recommending non-indictment due to lack of evidence, and the prosecution disposed the case as “non-suspicion.” Meanwhile, Cho, who administered the drug with her, was taken to trial and sentenced to a punishment of two years and six months in prison that was suspended for three years.

After receiving information about Hwang Ha Na’s drug usage, the police began investigating her case starting in October last year. Hwang Ha Na was arrested on April 4, and she has currently admitted to the usage of drugs, but not to the distribution of it.

It appears that the investigation will continue to expand after her confession regarding celebrity “A.”

Meanwhile, Hwang Ha Na is the only granddaughter of Namyang Dairy Products’ founder. She is also an online blogger who became a hot topic when she began dating Park Yoochun in April 2017. The pair broke up in May 2018.

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