Ron’s Wife Lee Sa Gang And BIGFLO Family Wish Him Well As He Enlists

Ron was sent off to the army by his wife Lee Sa Gang and friends, including former and current BIGFLO members!

On April 9, Ron (real name Cheon Byung Hwa) enlisted in the army for his mandatory military service. His wife Lee Sa Gang shared photos from the day on Instagram with the caption, “To my husband whom I’m proud of, come back safe. Thank you to the family, the members, and friends who were together with us.”

The photos include a shot with Lim Hyuntae (Hightop), J2K, Ron, and Euijin all together smiling for the camera.

Former member J2K wrote on Instagram with a photo, “To my beloved dongsaeng [younger friend] Byung Hwa! Let’s finish it well and come back!” He added in the hashtags, “Ron,” “enlistment,” and “healthy,” and wrote the date.

Lex posted a photo with Ron and Sungmin and wrote, “Byung Hwa!! Be careful in the military. Don’t get hurt, and you know that your health is always the top priority, right? I’ll pray for you.”

Sungmin also wrote, “Byung Hwa, come back safe… I’m sorry I couldn’t go. I’ll come visit you a lot! Don’t get hurt and I’ll pray for you.”

Euijin shared a photo of himself with Ron as well as Ron standing with other new soldiers. He wrote, “Don’t get hurt and come back in good health, my dongsaeng!”

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Ron and Lee Sa Gang (a director for the MV production company ZANYBROS) held their wedding ceremony in January after registering their marriage earlier in November last year. Ron’s contract with BIGFLO’s company HO Company came to an end in February.

We wish Ron all the best during his military service!

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