NGO Defends IU From Netizens Claiming Her Donation After The Gangwon Fires Was Suspicious

Many celebrities have donated to aid victims of the Gangwon Province fires that destroyed countless homes and displaced thousands of residents on the eastern coast of Korea. Singer IU recently added her name to the list, donating 100 million won (approximately $87,600) to ChildFund Korea.

However, some netizens began questioning the intent behind IU’s donation, saying that there are no elementary schools in the affected areas, that they haven’t seen any affected children in news coverage, and suggesting that her donation is suspicious because she is a frequent benefactor of the organization.

In response, ChildFund Korea posted a statement defending the artist.

Hello. This is ChildFund Korea.

Due to concerns that the sincere intentions of [IU] are being distorted, we would like to inform you of the statements below, which we have confirmed.

The day after the Gangwon Province fire broke out, April 5, ChildFund Korea visited the site to determine how the disaster was affecting the children that we support. In particular, we found that four of the families we support completely lost their homes in the fire, and most of the other families had evacuated to shelters due to concern for further damage.

As has often been covered in the media, singer IU is a benefactor of ChildFund Korea, but it is not the only organization that she supports. She also donates to aid development at her old school, Dongduk Girls’ High School, to a support center for the hearing-impaired, to the Seungil Hope Foundation, as well as a variety of other NGOs, sharing the value found in giving to others.

IU as well as many others are donating to our organization to aid the children and families who have been traumatized by the sudden destruction caused by the Gangwon Province fires.

Lies and groundless information being spread in the online community, regardless of truth, increase the level of distrust in donating and negatively affect the culture of giving. In the end, this may even result in children in need not being able to receive the aid that they require.

We ask for support and encouragement from everyone for the children that have been going through a difficult time due to the fires.

ChildFund Korea thinks of the children first. Thank you.

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