NU’EST’s Aron To Sit Out Parts Of Upcoming Concert Due To Injury

On April 10, Pledis Entertainment took to the official fan cafe of NU’EST to announce that Aron will not be participating in some performances from the upcoming concert.

The following is the full statement from Pledis Entertainment:

Hello, this is Pledis Entertainment. We are giving a notice regarding the health of NU’EST member Aron and the upcoming concert.

Last week, NU’EST member Aron expressed experiencing pain in both shoulders and arms. He paid an immediate visit to the hospital and went through a thorough examination. As a result, he received recommendation from the doctors to get enough rest and treatment, and he is currently focusing on recovering his health.

Our company considers Aron’s health recovery to be our top priority. Therefore, we notify that we have decided to follow the advice from the doctors [for Aron] to get enough rest and continue with his treatment until his condition improves.

We are continuing to discuss the participation of Aron in “2019 NU’EST Concert [Segno] in Seoul,” which is scheduled to take place on April 12 to April 14, while watching the artist’s progress. However, we came to a conclusion that having to carry out a concert that lasts approximately three hours will be difficult [for Aron].

Despite the agency’s persuasion, Aron has shown strong will to get on stage for fans who have been waiting for the concert. As a result, Aron plans to perform on stage to the point it doesn’t have an effect [on his health].

Aron is currently doing very well in general, but in order to minimize body movements, he will be performing while sitting on a chair. He will also not be participating in some performances.

We sincerely apologize for many fans who have been waiting for NU’EST’s “Segno” concert, and our agency will seek for [Aron’s] perfect recovery by putting our artist’s health first.

Moreover, we will try our best to make sure that all NU’EST members will safely conclude the concert.

We ask for the generous understanding of fans. Thank you.

We wish Aron a speedy recovery!

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