BVNDIT Talks About Being Called “Chungha’s Little Sister Group,” Role Models, Goals, And More

On April 10, MNH Entertainment’s new girl group BVNDIT held a showcase in Seoul for the release of their debut album “BVNDIT, Be Ambitious!”

During the event, the members first described how they felt about finally making their debut. “It feels like we’re dreaming, and we can’t believe it’s real,” they said.

When asked about being called “Chungha’s little sister group,” the BVNDIT members replied, “We practiced a lot, as much as we felt burned [by the title]. We like that title, and we’re confident that we’ll show a good image.”

Jungwoo continued, “[Chungha] is a senior who is usually attentive and takes good care of us. Whenever our teasers were released, Chungha wrote us letters, so we were so touched.”

Yiyeon added, “She’s my friend and my senior, but we communicate a lot. Even this morning, she gifted us perfume to congratulate us on our debut, so we were so thankful.”

On senior idol groups they considered their role models, BVNDIT commented, “From the girl groups, it’s MAMAMOO. From the boy groups, we want to choose BTOB. We want to become like both of these groups who always seem to enjoy performing.”

The group then described their goals for their upcoming promotions, saying, “We want to become a girl group that the public is always curious about. We want to show ourselves successfully taking on diverse concepts.”

BVNDIT is the first group to debut from MNH Entertainment. The agency has been making an impression on the K-pop scene since 2017.

The girl group officially made their debut on April 10 and dropped the music video for their title track “Hocus Pocus” the same day. Check it out here!

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