IZ*ONE’s Jang Won Young To Take Middle School Diploma Exam + Continue With Home Schooling

IZ*ONE’s agency has announced future plans for Jang Won Young’s education.

On April 12, IZ*ONE’s agency shared the following statement:


This is Off The Record Entertainment.

We express our deep gratitude for the interest and love that fans give towards IZ*ONE member Jang Won Young.

Won Young will be unable to participate in [IZ*ONE’s] performance on MBC “Music Core” on [April] 13 due to her participation in 2019’s first [Middle School Graduation] Qualification Exam.

Won Young, her parents, Off The Record Entertainment, and Won Young’s agency Starship Entertainment had thorough discussions for a long time about Won Young’s current situation and her future. We gathered our opinions to decide that she will continue her education through home schooling and be accredited through qualification exams.

Off The Record Entertainment and Starship Entertainment respects these opinions of Won Young and her parents, and we will do our best to provide full support so that she can accomplish this.

We once again bow our heads [in gratitude] for the support and love from fans towards Won Young.

Thank you.

IZ*ONE is currently fulfilling promotions for their newest title track “Violeta.”

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