BTS Thanks Halsey For Collaborating On “Boy With Luv,” Names Their Favorite Songs On “Map Of The Soul: Persona,” And More

BTS celebrated their comeback with their fans ARMY through a live broadcast!

The group released “Map of the Soul: Persona” on April 12, including their title track “Boy With Luv” featuring Halsey. Although they’re currently in New York to get ready for their performance on “Saturday Night Live” on April 13, they still held their traditional V Live broadcast to chat with fans about their new album and have some fun.

This time around, the broadcast was hosted by Suga as the latest installment of “BTS Kkul FM.” Suga asked each of the members to share how they felt about their comeback, and J-Hope said, “We’ve released another album. We worked really hard on it, so please love the songs a lot and look forward to our performances that are coming soon.”

Jimin added, “I always want to quickly do a comeback because ARMY is always looking forward to it. I’m excited and happy that we’ve returned with new music.” V said, “We’ve finally arrived to make beautiful memories with ARMY. Although it’s for a short time, I hope we’ll make great memories with ARMY. Thank you for looking forward to it.”

Jungkook said, “I always look forward to our live broadcasts whenever we do a comeback. I hope we all have a good time today too.” On Jin’s turn, he said, “I’m happy that we bring good songs whenever we make a comeback. I’m grateful to our members who create great songs.”

RM wrapped up their opening comments by saying he was happy to finally be making their comeback, and he told the other members, “You worked hard!”

The group then went through the track list of their new album to share some details with fans. V first explained, “If the ‘Love Yourself’ series contained the message that ‘loving myself is the first step in finding genuine love,’ then as the first album in the ‘Map of the Soul series, ‘Persona’ contains the message ‘I want to know about you.'”

BTS then enjoyed a clip of RM’s intro “Persona.” RM looked back on how it’s been four and a half years since he’s taken on the role of creating the intro for a BTS album, and he said “Persona” is particularly special as it includes a sample of the beat from their 2014 track “Skool Luv Affair.”

Jin shared that he’d gone to watch the filming of RM’s “Persona” MV to support him, and he expressed how impressed he’d been by RM on set and mimicked one of the gestures he’d filmed, which they were disappointed didn’t make the cut. RM also revealed that all the members had come by the set.

The group then talked about their title track “Boy With Luv.” Suga asked the others if they had any stories to tell from filming the MV with Halsey.

J-Hope replied, “I didn’t know Halsey would come to Korea!” He went on to say, “Also, I think it was her first time doing a dance. There was scene where she dances with us, and she’d already practiced before she came. She really worked so hard!” Jimin added, “We were so grateful that she had worked so hard to prepare.”

The guys then joked that they should send a video message to Halsey in English, and they decided to have J-Hope pretend to talk while RM dubbed a message in English. They told Halsey that she was amazing, and praised her dancing and voice.

As they then moved on to their third track “Mikrokosmos,” J-Hope said it’s a perfect song to listen to at night. “This is my favorite song,” said V, and he commented that it’s a fun song that BTS and their fans will be able to enjoy together at their concerts.

When their next song “Make It Right” came on, RM said “What up, Ed!” since Ed Sheeran took part in writing the track. Jimin described it as a song with both a sentimental and sophisticated feel, and praised RM for its beautiful lyrics. “I worked really hard on the lyrics,” commented RM.

They talked about how much they enjoy the song, and Jimin told everyone that his friend had called him to share how much they liked the song. Suga said with a smile the song was inevitably going to be good, since it’s a combination of the work of BTS and Ed Sheeran.

Next up was “HOME,” and J-Hope said that they wanted to express their gratitude to ARMY through the song. They described “Jamais Vu” as a perfect song to sing at karaoke. Lastly, they listened to “Dionysus,” and Suga talked about how J-Hope had written about half of the track. “I had the great opportunity to take part, and I think I really worked hard while writing it,” said J-Hope. He explained that he’d changed the melody several times.

The guys then each named their favorite track on the album. RM picked his intro “Persona” and J-Hope said “There’s so much rapping. I was surprised.” RM replied, “It’s 2 minutes and 58 seconds long but I think it’s all rap except for 20 seconds.”

Jin picked “Dionysus” as his favorite, and they talked about how his “rock ad-libs” had been described in the press release for the album. Jin shared, “I was going to head home after finishing recording, when Pdogg told me there was something he wanted to try. When I asked what it was, he asked me to shout!” The others laughed over his story and then RM joked that Jin’s BT21 character RJ’s name must stand for “Rock Jin.”

Jungkook named “Mikrokosmos” as his favorite song, and Suga picked “HOME,” describing how he’s really enjoyed it ever since he heard the guide version. V picked “Mikrokosmos” and Jimin named “Boy With Luv.” J-Hope picked “Dionysus” as his favorite song on the album.

“I think all of the songs on the album are great!” said Jimin. Suga added, “I feel like I had a lot of fun while working on the songs for this album, and it’s been a while since I’ve done that. There was some pressure, but I think I let that go a bit and worked on the album. I think the result is good too.”

What tracks are you loving on “Map of the Soul: Persona”?

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