14 Things We Loved About BTS’s “Boy With Luv” MV

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a recap of the long-awaited comeback MV by a little group called BTS. For those of you who haven’t watched it yet, please do so now, and for everyone else: We’re glad you made it and ARMY, we hope you’re okay. (Who are we kidding, you’re probably not.) Either way, let’s take a closer look at “Boy With Luv” and the things we loved most about BTS’s latest MV!

For those of you who haven’t read any of our MV recaps before: This article focuses purely on the MV, not on the song, which is obviously hard because the song is really, distractingly good. So without further ado, let’s go!

1. The throwbacks

Before diving into the visuals of the MV, we have to talk about the throwbacks. In the trailer, we got serious “Boy In Luv” vibes from Halsey’s walk, and of course the one-arm-up-ending pose – and don’t forget the “Spring Day”-like “Persona” sign. In the MV, Tae’s opening shot is similar to the one in “Airplane Pt. 2,” and talking about throwbacks, we also can’t miss the neon lights with BTS’s past album titles. There’s “2 Cool 4 Skool,” “O!RUL8,2?,” “Skool Luv Affair,” “Dark & Wild,” “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life,” “Young Forever,” “Wings,” “You Never Walk Alone,” “Love Yourself,” “Her,” “Answer,” and “Persona.” Plus the “Love” sign that may or may not read “ARMY” (in lower-case) when turned upside down, but that’s not all…

2. The hints

Talking about the neon lights presented by a suited-up Namjoon, there’s a massive spoiler among the signs. When the camera pans out, the snippet “Sha…” appears in the upper right corner. This confirms what ARMYs have been suspecting for a while, partially because it was visibly written in the back of the comeback trailer featuring RM’s “Intro : Persona.” The next release in this era is (probably?) going to be titled, “Map of the Soul: Shadow.” And there’s more! Namjoon seems to be acting differently compared to the other members – especially in the very last scene after screaming “Boy With Luv,” when his happy expression very quickly changes for a serious, almost sad one. Hints, hints, hints.

3. The sets and colors

We got a taste of the MV’s visuals through the teaser that featured the members in pink outfits and colorful surroundings. The MV itself only takes it further down the rainbow, diving into a pool of colors, including bright pink, orange, and yellow with beige, black, and blue contrasts. Starting out in the colorful movie theater setting, the MV takes us into a retro diner to Yoongi’s giant piano in the dark session, a beige-themed marble hall for Hobi’s part, and a sunset with artistic backgrounds and street lights. The climax is a neon filled one-man-performance by RM in a white suit. The colorful visuals match the upbeat, fun feel of the song, and make us wanna hang out with our friends on a moving sofa.

4. The sofa

Technically, this is also a throwback, but it’s basically a whole concept. Seasoned ARMYs might get some nostalgic feels from seeing BTS on a sofa, but there’s just something about the seven young men hanging out together on one sofa. There are sofas in the MVs for “Spring Day,” “Blood, Sweat & Tears,” “IDOL,” and there’s even one in the background in “Fire.” Not (yet) trying to make this a full-blown thing, but it wouldn’t be ARMY if there wasn’t already some sort of theory going on that will probably turn out being true at some point in the future.

5. The choreo

Is this Suga’s happy dance we’re seeing in the choreo? We’re not quite sure, but ARMYs seem to have found their favorite move from “Boy With Love” and we can’t blame them. Aside from everyone’s favorite happy dance, even the choreo is catchy and makes you wanna dance along. Plus: Halsey participated in some parts of the dance, giving the whole MV even more of a fun “hanging out together as friends” vibe. We can’t wait for the choreo video!

6. The outfits and styling

Let’s talk hair! Tae’s blue was something ARMY had been waiting for for so long, and it looks even better than the edits. Jimin’s peachy pink hair makes him pretty much look like the personification of the word “boyfriend.” And don’t even get me started on JK’s curls. It’s safe to say: ARMYs are low-key (high-key) obsessed with the members’ hair in this comeback, and rightfully so, but we can’t just skip over their amazing outfits. It surely is centered around the color pink in various shades but it also has very boyfriend-y jeans looks, stunning white suits, and last but not least, a set of suit jacket and dress shirt-combos that make the boys look like they run the place.

7. Dashing RM

Just two words: The suit. BTS’s leader truly is nothing short of dashing in his stage presenter scene in the MV. He even rocks an umbrella. And while there’s suit-Nams in one scene, we also get the lovable dork in another: he’s even performing an adorable handshake with Halsey at one point. So, naturally, Namjoon is fascinating everyone with the duality of his persona (oooh), making both old and new ARMYs swoon.

8. Jin in a Nutshell

Mister worldwide handsome should not only be called worldwide handsome but also mister consistency, because, no surprise there, Jin brings the visuals and he brings the vocals. During the diner scene, he channels “Eat Jin” by sit-dancing with fork and spoon in his hands. But the Jin experience doesn’t stop there: he hilariously seems to hit RM in the head when he dances behind them at 2:33. It’s barely visible because of the cut, but I love how this MV amazingly captures BTS’s hyung in all his best moments.

9. Suga aka. the Piano Man

I don’t know about you, but Suga’s MV part makes me wanna run into the next toy store and reenact his oversized piano-performance. Except we’d probably not exactly get the same reactions as Yoongi would. Not only is his rap obviously pure fire, but his solo part on the piano is unexpectedly (okay, not that unexpectedly) adorable. What tops it all off is the way he jumps out from behind the sofa at 1:53. If we had to capture Yoongi’s visuals in “Boy With Luv” in one word, it would probably be “squishy,” but don’t tell Agust D.

10. J-Hope aka. Ray of Sunshine

Just like the other members, Hobi truly brings his best in his part and obviously dances like the dance god he is. But since those are kind of given (since J-hope would always give his all and dance like a machine), I’m going to name another thing about him as our favorite Hobi thing from “Boy With Luv” – his expression. Please, for the love of god, try focusing on him during the sofa shot or the group dance parts, especially the ones with Halsey. BTS’s certified ray of sunshine looks like he’s having the time of his life. It might as well be a challenge to keep a straight face while watching Hobi in this MV.

11. Boyfriend-style Jimin

We already talked about his hair, but I really just want to talk about his hair again. Or rather: his whole presence in the MV. Not trying to make this all about his appearance, but we’re supposed to be focusing on the visuals, so here we are. What was really distracting is his line “Text me.” We’re patiently waiting to get the contact from someone? Big Hit? (Just kidding. Please don’t try to text him.) And looking at his wardrobe – especially that one super airy shirt: Are you okay out there, ARMY?

12. Blue-haired Tae

Taetae opens the first group shot of the MV, captivating as usual from the start. When he’s not singing, dancing, or turning on street lights with a snap of his fingers, he’s in the back of the sofa having a field day with Hobi. Talking about his hands, he’s the reason why we’re gonna go and buy an oversized flower ring. Also, not trying to be weird by making Tae’s tongue a separate item on this list, but we cannot not talk about that. So, there you have it, we talked about Tae’s tongue.

13. Cooky-Jungkook

Jungkook has rarely ever had so many Cooky vibes, let alone in an MV. Maybe because he’s not really wearing pink a lot. Either way, the maknae reminds us of his adorable BT21 character more than ever, which is (in case you didn’t know) described as “unexpectedly muscular, heart buttocks.” No, we didn’t make that up. Aside from being his flawless self, he’s also part of the back-row party on the sofa, although more low-key than Hobi and V. That being said, please pay attention to JK sit-jumping over the sofa. This might just be my favorite JK moment from the video, aside from him celebrating RM’s appearance on the stage at 3:12.

14. Halsey being gorgeous, amazing, and we’re not jealous at all

Halsey is the first collaborating artist to appear in the official version of a BTS title track MV. Because, yes, Steve Aoki appeared in “MIC DROP,” but it wasn’t the title track of the comeback, and yes, Nicki Minaj appeared in a separate version of “IDOL,” but it was just that – a separate version. But now we have Halsey not just starting off the MV with the lollipop scene from the teaser but also participating in the choreo! And it looks (and feels) not just like artists performing together, but like they’re really having fun and embracing their friendship, which goes back quite some time now. Also, while we skipped her above for outfit and styling, this is the point where I have to say: Halsey looks absolutely gorgeous with her hair, the clothes, and the makeup! And that’s not even talking about her vocal contribution, which is slightly different in the album version. If it’s not enough Halsey in the MV version for your taste, please check out that one!

BONUS: The serious shot

Not sure if it has a deeper meaning – knowing Big Hit, it surely means A LOT for an upcoming comeback in 15 years – but I love the shot around 3:52 (and 3:57) of the MV that seemingly doesn’t really belong. Why is everyone so serious? What does Joon’s gesture mean? And why does JK look like someone stole his banana milk? (Looking at you, Jin.)

As the boys are in full-on promotions for “Map of the Soul: Persona,” touring U.S. TV shows and holding press conferences, ARMY around the globe are giving their best to support their favs. Congratulations, BTS and ARMY on a very successful comeback!

What’s your favorite thing about the MV? And what’s your favorite track from the album? Tell us in the comments!

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