Watch: “High School Rapper 3” Announces Winner + Final Performances By Contestants

On the April 12 broadcast of Mnet’s “High School Rapper 3,” the six finalists took to the stage for their final performances.

Kwon Young Hoon (TANGTHEAWESOME) performed first with the song “8 (Them),” featuring Agee Expression and MoonMean, and received 379 votes out of a total possible 500.

Next up was Choi Jin Ho (BlueWhale), who performed “My Way” with Giriboy and Punchnello. He scored 398 points.

Yang Seung Ho (sokodomo) performed “World Destruction” with Kirin and scored 313 points.

Lee Young Ji hit the stage with Woo Won Jae, Changmo, and The Quiett for the song “GO HIGH.” She received 456 points, the highest of the contestants thus far.

Kang Min Soo (Aquinas) performed “Popcorn” with Penomeco and youra, and was the second contestant to receive over 400 points, with a total of 421.

Lee Jin Woo ($IGA A) performed last with “Top Scorer,” featuring Boi B and Owen Ovadoz, landing 395 points.

After the performances and the first round of voting, the ranking was as follows:

6. Yang Seung Ho – 313
5. Kwon Young Hoon – 379
4. Lee Jin Woo – 395
3. Choi Jin Ho – 398
2. Kang Min Soo – 421
1. Lee Young Ji – 456

The crowd then voted a second time. With the combined tally from the two rounds of voting, Yang Seung Ho finished sixth, Kwon Young Hoon fifth, Lee Jin Woo fourth, and Choi Jin Ho third, leaving Kang Min Soo and Lee Young Ji as the final two contestants.

Lee Young Ji was crowned the winner in the end, having received 211 votes in the second round for a total of 667 points. Lee Young Ji is now the first-ever female rapper to win on “High School Rapper,” or any rap audition show (with the exception of “Unpretty Rapstar”).

Tears overflowing after the announcement, Lee Young Ji said, “Thank you. I’m so happy to be able to share this moment with everyone. And thank you so much to The Quiett and Code Kunst for believing in me and being incredible mentors. No. 1 in my heart isn’t Jay Park, but Code Kunst and The Quiett.”

Kang Min Soo, who came in second with a total of 543 points, having received 122 votes in the second round, said, “Though I didn’t win, I’d like for everyone to look forward to what I do moving forward.”

Congratulations to Lee Young Ji!

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