GOT7’s Jinyoung And Shin Ye Eun Pick Their Favorite Endings From “He Is Psychometric”

Which episodes of “He Is Psychometric” have the best endings?

“He is Psychometric” is a romantic comedy disguised as a thriller starring GOT7’s Jinyoung as Yi Ahn, an accident-prone young man with supernatural powers, and Shin Ye Eun as Yoon Jae In, a young woman harboring a closely-guarded secret.

The tvN drama continues to surprise viewers with thrilling endings every episode. Here are the favorites picked by GOT7’s Jinyoung and Shin Ye Eun:


1. Episode Two: Yoon Jae In finds out about Yi Ahn’s psychometric ability

Yoon Jae In coincidentally learns about Yi Ahn’s psychometric abilities, and he becomes defensive because he had been treated as a monster due to his secret. However, she confessed, “You’re not a monster,” and even admitted he could use his ability on her to find something out. That officially marked the start of their destiny.

2. Episode Seven: Sweet first kiss

Yoon Jae In, who started training Yi Ahn to develop his clumsy supernatural powers, finally decided to trust him and told him to try his psychometric skills on her. In response, Yi Ahn stared at her and said, “Here’s where I feel most sensitive” before kissing her straight on the lips. Their sweet first kiss on the rooftop under a beautiful night view and his romantic gaze filled the viewers with excitement.

3. Episode Eight: Affectionate kiss in the snow

Yi Ahn saw painful memories of Yoon Jae In’s childhood and said, “I’ll look into all the past you ran away from,” touching her with his warm confession.

Shin Ye Eun picked this as her “best ending” and shared, “When Yi Ahn tied her shoelaces and said warm words to her, she was able to remember more things about her dad. It was also the moment she first showed her feelings to him. That’s why the ending of episode eight was heartwarming yet painful.”

Then the actress added, “I got a lot of help watching the ending of Episode 8 when I was preparing for the emotional scenes of Episode 10. That’s because the words of consolation from Yi Ahn became more painful to Yoon Jae In when she was alone in Episode 10.”

4. Episode Nine: Finding out about their tragic fate

Through psychometry, Yi Ahn found out Yoon Jae In’s father was Yoon Tae Ha, the culprit in the Yeongseong apartment fire who killed his family.

Jinyoung, who chose this ending as his favorite, explained, “The ordeal that Yoon Jae In and Yi Ahn had to face came earlier than I thought, but I think it was a perfect fit in the overall flow of the drama. If they really want to be together, they had to know what happened between their parents, and that became an important inflection point.”

5. Episode Ten: Yoon Jae In gets kidnapped

Yoon Jae In, who disappeared in the previous episode, suddenly appeared tied to a bathtub with shackles on her ankles. A mysterious man (Lee Seung Joon) showed up in front of her, and Yi Ahn finds out he was the kidnapper after using his psychometric skills on her cell phone. Viewers are already looking forward to what will happen next.

“He Is Psychometric” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. KST. Catch the latest episode below!

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