Update: NU’EST Releases More Of Story Ahead Of Next Week’s Comeback

Updated April 27 KST:

NU’EST revealed the ninth chapter in their story! You can also check the story out on their website.

Updated April 26 KST:

NU’EST shared a second MV teaser for “BET BET”!

Updated April 25 KST:

NU’EST has released an MV teaser for “BET BET”!

Updated April 24 KST:

NU’EST shared a pre-listening video for their mini album “Happily Ever After”!

Updated April 23 KST:

NU’EST shared more news about their comeback via a track list!

The group’s new release “Happily Ever After” will include the title track “Bet Bet,” which was co-composed by Bumzu, Baekho, and Royal Dive with lyrics by Baekho, JR, and Bumzu.

Baekho also co-composed five more tracks and Baekho and JR also co-wrote the lyrics for those five songs with Bumzu. The final song “Universe” is Minhyun’s pre-released solo track, which Minhyun co-wrote the lyrics for.

Updated April 22 KST:

NU’EST dropped a set of gorgeous teaser images featuring the whole group!

Updated April 20 KST:

NU’EST has shared another “A part of the story” image for “Happily Ever After,” this time labeled as number 5! Check out an animation of this chapter on their website.

Updated April 19 KST:

NU’EST shared an image that’s described as “‘Happily Ever After’ #3 A part of the story,” and also updated their website to include an animated version of the image!

Updated April 18 KST:

NU’EST has shared more stunning teaser photos for “Happily Ever After”!

Updated April 17 KST:

NU’EST revealed their first individual teaser images for their return with “Happily Ever After”!

Updated April 16 KST:

NU’EST has unveiled a gorgeous new teaser image—as well as a cool new website—for their highly-anticipated comeback as a full group!

You can begin reading the first part of NU’EST’s new “story” at their website for “Happily Ever After” here, and you can check out their very first teaser image below!

Original Article:

Mark your calendars with NU’EST’s confirmed comeback date!

On April 15 at midnight KST, the group unveiled their first “prologue” teaser for “Happily Ever After,” their first album with all five members since August 2016.

Their new album is set to drop on April 29 at 6 p.m. KST. Ahead of this, NU’EST released a digital track in March to commemorate their debut anniversary and Minhyun also released a solo track titled “Universe,” which is said to be a pre-release track from the upcoming album.

Check out the teaser below and stay tuned for more!

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