Watch: iKON Performs “Love Scenario” With Winning Team Of Dance Cover Show “Stage K”

iKON and a group of talented fans collaborated on a dreamlike performance on JTBC’s “Stage K.”

“Stage K” is a K-pop dance cover competition program where fans from all over the world compete to perform with a K-pop star.

On the April 14 episode, iKON appeared as the show’s second “dream star” and watched cover dance stages from teams all around the world.

The boy group opened with a special performance to the dance break remix version of “Rhythm Ta” before watching performances by teams from the United States, Japan, Poland, and France.

The France team told the story of how they did not have a separate practice room but took to the streets to perform. They performed iKON’s “Rhythm Ta” and added even more to the body waves and groove.

After watching their performance, iKON said, “I think you dance better than we do. I didn’t feel like it was a cover dance. I feel happy because I feel like I watched a great performance,” and moved the France team to tears.

The team from Japan, which was made up of boys with an average age of 14.5, performed iKON’s “Beautiful.” They won over the audience and iKON with their cuteness and dancing skills. iKON commented, “The dance was really accurate. We saw the star quality and think that we’ll be able to see you at a music show after one or two years.”

The Poland team consisted of one individual, and he chose to cover iKON’s “Goodbye Road.” He received cheers for his handsome looks and impressive dance moves and then surprised everyone when his nose bled as soon as he got off the stage.

iKON told him, “The level of immersion and seamlessness as soon as he appeared on stage could not be possible without a great deal of practice. It’s actually harder to dance to slow songs, and he did a good job of filling the stage by himself.”

The final performance was by a team from the United States, which consisted of teachers and students from a dance academy in New York. The duo danced to iKON’s “BLING BLING” and earned praise for their perfect performance.

“To be honest, I think that’s the kind of performance we wanted to do,” said iKON. “You honestly did better than we did. It was such a perfect performance.”

Votes from the audience, judges, and iKON were counted, and the American and French teams moved forward by winning first and second place. The two teams then battled by slaying the fierce choreography of iKON’s “Killing Me.”

The French team performed the song as iKON did, while the American team put their own twist to the dance.

As a result, the American team received more votes and got to perform “Love Scenario” with iKON. Check out the adorable stage below!

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