Watch: Block B Celebrates 8th Debut Anniversary With Fun Compilation Video And Heartfelt Messages

Block B has celebrated the group’s eighth debut anniversary with a fun video and sweet messages to fans!

On April 15, Block B’s official Twitter account celebrated the group’s anniversary with a compilation video of the group’s biggest hit tracks since debut. The video features songs all the way from their debut track “Freeze” to their most recent track “Don’t Leave.”

The members also took to Instagram to further celebrate the occasion.

Taeil posted a photo from the group’s debut year and wrote in the caption, “It takes me back!” In response, Park Kyung jokingly commented, “Knock Knock! Excuse me, please take down the photo.”

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추억돋네 !

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Park Kyung wrote on his personal Instagram, “It’s our eighth debut anniversary! It’s all thanks to you. I will work even harder.”

P.O said, “Wow!! [It’s our] eighth debut anniversary!! Let’s continue to see each other for a long long time. I hope everyone is especially happier today more than other days.”

Jaehyo left a short message by writing, “Let’s continue.” The member is currently fulfilling his military duties as a public service worker.

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U-Kwon said, “It’s already been eight years!! My honeybees for whom I’m always thankful, let’s cherish and love each other more. From now on, let’s spend more time with each other. Thank you.”

B-Bomb also expressed his gratitude in a short comment, “Thank you.”

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고마워요 ??

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Happy eighth anniversary to both Block B and BBC!

Check out the music video compilation video below:

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